On Sunday, 1-30-05,
we went to the Sea
Turtle Rescue and saw
Jewel (only three
flippers) and Fred
(only three flippers)
and many other three
and two-flippered (one
named lefty, I'm sure
you can figure that one
out without the photo)
rescued turtles.  We
learned about how
Jewel and many other
turtles suffered from
"cold shock" which is a
result of their
Christmas day snow.  
The turtles got too
cold, and so they get
weaker and weaker
until they hopefully
wash ashore and get
Monday we fixed two leaky faucets.  I swear that better be the LAST
maintenance this rig requires!!  Richard got his inflatable boat Monday
afternoon and has hardly been able to control his urge to blow it up in the living
room.  (The fact that his boat is 6 feet longer than the living room won't hold
him back for long if this windy crappy weather continues.)  He is very proud of
his new boat, and would want everyone to know that they can go to
www.soar1.com and check out model S16.

Today (Tuesday) is only about 50 degrees, and cold and drizzly.  We went to
two treasure-hunting museums.  They were not that great.  We're going to find
better treasure than they had!!  Richard played in the museum's boat since he
couldn't inflate his today.  (I don't think the hat was a found treasure, well, we
found it in the kid's play area, so I guess it was found treasure, sort of....)
After the boring museums, we decided it was so cold that there might be some
"cold shock" turtles out there so we headed to the beach to do some turtle
rescuing.  We drove out onto the beach, and tried to find some turtles that
needed rescued.  After just a 1/4 mile or so, we kept seeing small black round
things in the sand, so we had to stop and get out to determine if they were
turtles that needed rescued.  After a cold walk (note the very attractive turtle
hunting boots) we found that they were all just shells, and decided that only
large turtles that were large enough to be seen from inside the warm truck
would be rescued by us today.  Yeah, kinda like our fishing adventures, we
came back empty handed.  I guess we're the only ones who are cold shocked.