Well... As we were pulling into Kerrville, I was madly calling around for an
available, cheap, RV park.  We ended up in the very nice, Take It Easy RV
Park.  What none of the adds mentioned was that it was an "over 55" park.  I
suspect if we had been staying more than three nights, they may not have let us
in.  All the old ladies gave me dirty looks the whole time, and all the old guys
gave me a slightly different kind of look.  There were a lot of rules, one way
streets, speed limits, no riding motorcycles around the park, etc.  Richard kept
trying to break all the rules so that we would get kicked out and I could write
that we got kicked out of an over 55 RV park.  Well, he didn't succeed, but I
almost did.  The trash bins had signs on them that said, "bagged trash only."  
(More rules!!)  Anyway, after we had our new cabinets in, we didn't need this
nice blue rubbermaid style tub that we had been hauling around.  We were
getting ready to leave, and since it was too big to go in a bag, I just stuck it in
there.  I thought it was fine, but Richard saw an old lady hauling a guy over
there, and pointing in the trash bin, and yelling.  Oops.  I suspect that if we
hadn't been leaving anyway, we would have been kicked out for sure.

Well, even if you don't count breaking all the rules in the RV park, we still had
a great time.  The scenery in this part of the country is absolutely gorgeous!!  
After a not-so-fun Valentine's day wrestling cabinets into the RV, we spent the
15th on a long motorcycle ride from Kerrville, southwest on 16 through Medina
to Bandera and back up to Kerrville.    We pulled over to take in the view, and
some fellow South Dakotians on a bike pulled over behind us and took this
picture for us.
Then we found a quaint little river.  Even though there were "No Trespassing"
signs everywhere, Richard insisted we climb down, set the timer, and take a
picture.  He also played around in the river a little.  I wouldn't, I was afraid
they might shoot you for trespassing in Texas.
So, I know some of you are so excited
about the new cabinets, so here are the
interior pics you've been asking for.   
Click on the RV to see inside.