Well, I couldn't hold
him back.  I thought
he was going to just
blow up the boat,
but once it was
inflated, he just had
to go for a ride.  I
dutifully put on two
pairs of socks, three
pairs of pants, two
shirts, two
sweatshirts, my
coat, and two pairs
of gloves, and
helped him haul the
boat down to the
Now, you would think that an
inflatable boat wouldn't weigh much
right?  Well, that's what I thought
anyway.  We were almost worn out just
from carrying the boat down to the
dock.  Can you tell which one of us is
We made it out to the main channel.  Do we look just a
little out of our league next to those huge shrimp boats?  
Does the excited member of our boating excursion now
look really tired?