Monday night
(02/07/05) we
went antiquing.  I
didn't buy
anything, but
Richard just had to
have a hat, and has
not taken it off
since.  So, here's
the photo that ties
it all together.  See,
here is our rig,
same tree as in the
dolphin photo so
you can believe
how close they
were, Richard's
new hat, our
poles, and the
shrimp boats.   
Sunday morning,
02/06/05, we woke
up with dolphins off
our back porch.  
There were three of
them, swimming in
the channel just a
few feet behind our
rig.   They were
only up for a split
second to take a
breath, and of
course the digital
camera takes longer
than that to take a
picture, so I just
started clicking.  I
took over 200
photos, and only
managed to have
dolphins in 5 or 6 of
I thought the dolphins were
cool, but Richard thought the
shrimp boats were the best, so
he took pictures of them.
Today the sun was out and it was actually warm.  I put shorts on and we
went on a long boat ride.  We had the wind to our backs on the way out, and
really had to work to get back in.  Then we took the motorcycle to the island
and walked the main strip.  We're planning on leaving Port Isabel tomorrow
or Thursday.  (It is supposed to be back down to 50-some degrees on
Thursday.)  Richard has been trying to roll up his boat for about an hour
now, and he just came in to get my help.  Guess I have to go show him how
it's done.