The December Flood:
Well, our adventures have started out a little wet.  
November 31st was the last day in my house, and
so we were up until 2:00AM hauling stuff out of
the house and over to the RV.  When we finally
got to the RV to go to bed, we discovered that our
water hose was frozen.  Richard had put heat tape
on it earlier, but one of the many items in the load
we had just brought over of things that were still
left at the house was a long enough extension cord.
 We promptly plugged in our heat tape, but in
order to facilitate the thawing process (so I would
be able to take a shower in the morning {make that
in few hours} to go to work) I had the brilliant idea
to turn on the faucet in the bathroom sink, and we
went to bed.  I woke up at 4:45 hearing the faucet
running.  Great!! Our hose had thawed.  However,
when I stepped into the bathroom to turn off the
faucet, I also stepped into ¾" of water!  See, we
had forgotten to figure in the importance of the 40
gallon holding tank, which had quickly filled with
water and backed up into the shower, which also
had quickly filled with water and was dumping
over onto the floor.

So, with 2 hours and 45 minutes worth of sleep,
Richard went outside to open the holding tank.  I'm
sure you see where this is going by now.  The tank
was frozen shut.  Our neighbors in the wonderful
Stadium RV Park must think we're crazy, using a
hair dryer on our holding tanks at quarter to five in
the morning!!  While he was outside wrestling with
the tank valve, I was inside wringing towels.  I
must have wrung out 5 or 6 in the sink before I
realized that I was not accomplishing anything,
since the water was going down the drain, to the
holding tank, up into the shower, and right back
onto the floor!!  After wringing towels into the
stool (separate holding tank) for fifteen minutes,
Richard finally got the tank open and he helped me
wring towels for another fifteen minutes until we
decided to go haul another load from the house
and borrow our Bissell back (we had just given it
to Sara the night before!)  She was surprised to see
us at 6:00 in the morning.

It gets better.  When we got back to the RV with
the Bissell we noticed water leaking out from the
bottom.  The bathroom floor had soaked through
into the storage space and out onto the ground.  
Richard took his grungy coveralls that were in the
storage and the towels we had been using and hung
them on the fence.  We are really starting to fit in
around here.  We used the Bissell until about 7:45
when we decided the carpet wasn't going to get
any drier.  I called in to work and we went to bed!!

We've had space heaters going in the storage space
and the bathroom ever since.  The carpet was
finally dry this morning (Saturday, 4 days later!)
and we're back on track.

We were wondering why no one wrote about
things like this in all the RV books we've read and
we decided it was because most full-timers are
smart enough to stay out of the cold.