On Tuesday, after a very
expensive trip to the sporting
goods section of the Corpus
Christi Wal-Mart, and another
expensive trip to the local bait
shop, we were back in business.
Several long hours later
(okay, long minutes)  
Richard caught his first
fish.  Not as big as mine,
but he's working on it.
Mike, a local to Puerto del Sol
RV park, caught several, so
Richard went over and bugged
him until he knew everything
Mike knew.
So, we arrived in Corpus Christi
on Sunday night.  It is a very
nice RV park right on the bay.  
Looks warm doesn't it?  Don't
let it fool you.  It has been
warming up for one hour around
2:00, other than that it's cold!!
First thing Monday we walked
on the beach, then settled down
on the pier for some fishing.  Of
course, we didn't catch anything.
Not surprisingly, I caught the first fish.  Still not
as big as Mike's, but I'm working on it.  (Do I
look warm?  Does anyone see a problem here?)

We're supposed to be here for WARM weather.