We've been without the internet for a week, and it's been a busy week, so this is
a long one.  Please be patient while all the pictures load.  On Wednesday,
3-16-05 we left good ole Fredericksburg and moved northeast to Lake
Buchanan.  The park is not as nice, and is more expensive, but hey, we're on
the lake, everything around here seems to be more expensive.  Thursday wasn't
very warm, so we drove around looking at the locals, and went to a winery.  
They had this huge field of vine supports, but NO VINES.  They were doing
wine tasting, and someone asked about one of the names, and he said it was
because the grapes were from California.  So, we decided it was all a sham.  
Friday 3-18-05 we drove up to Canyon of the Eagles.  It is a Lower Colorado
River Authority Park (so our State Park pass wouldn't work there.)  They have
all this hype about the place, but we were not impressed.  The bathrooms were
dirty, the employees were rude, and the patrons were obnoxious.  We got there
at 9:30, and had planned on taking the SOAR out, doing some fishing, having a
picnic lunch, and going on the over-advertised "Vanishing Texas River Cruise."  
The 11:00 cruise was sold out, so we bought tickets for the 2:30 cruise and went
to do some of our other adventure activities.  We went on a nature walk.  (One
nice amenity of the park.)
Still trying to aspire to the preparedness of George, our South Llano River guide,
Richard wore pants and a vest with more pockets than you can count, and
brought his binoculars.  Good thing too, we used them to spy goats and ospreys
on the river cruise.  Here he was looking across the lake to see if we could see
the non-vineyard that we had visited the day before.  (We did end up seeing it
farther up river on our cruise.)
There were no picnic areas, no boating areas and only one fishing pier.  (There
was only one family on the fishing pier, but since we're so bad at fishing, we don't
like people watching us.)  Fishing along the edge of the lake was not possible
because there were downed trees and sludge.  Yuck.  Anyway, not to be deterred,
we found an empty camping site with a picnic table, and had our lunch.  Then we
went and lay in the sun and took a nap.  I got up to hike to the port-a-potty
(MUCH cleaner than the flush toilets that the rest of the patrons were using!) but
when I came back my husband was missing.  Anyone seen The Three Amigos?  
You know, when Steve Martin is on the wall, and he is trying to get the attention
of Chevy Chase and Martin Short, and he starts with a bird whistle, then an owl
noise, and finally, in a bird-like voice he says "hey, hey, lookuphere, lookuphere,
lookuphere."  Well, when I heard that I found my husband.  Can you spot him?
Does this help?
So anyway, we didn't boat or fish, but up in his tree he had spotted this nice
shade tree, so we sat around some more.
Finally we went on our overpriced "river cruise" with the obnoxious patrons and
their even more obnoxious children.  We saw a pretty waterfall.  This stupid pose
is the result of certain people, you know who you are, saying that I look the same
in all my pictures.  Anytime Richard takes my picture now, he tries to get me to
pose.  He told me to wave and say hi mom, and this is how it turned out, but it's
the only one with the waterfall in the background, so tell me it's pretty.
Saturday 3-19-05 we got the motorcycle off the rack and drove to Llano.  We
visited a few antique shops and a used bookstore, then we came back on the
back roads and waved to the cows.  We were going to go out in the boat from
the RV park, but a thunderstorm rolled in so we stayed in, had hot chocolate,
and I beat Richard at a game of Scrabble and a game of Rummy.
Sunday 3-20-05 we got up and went to Colorado Bend State Park again.  If you
remember, we were there a while back, and had to keep crossing the river, trying
not to get out feet wet.  Well, the weather was nice, so I wanted to go swim in
the river, and wear our water shoes and splash across.  We rushed up there so
we could go on their Gorman Falls tour.  The falls are made of mineral deposits
(the deposits had some technical name, but we forgot) and so they are viewable
only by private tour on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00.  It was well worth it.  
They were gorgeous.
Then we stripped down to our swimming attire, and changed into our water
shoes, and scampered up the creek.  We played in the waterfalls, and explored
the cliffs and caves until we were worn out.
Then we drove to San Saba and looked at their river.  Texas rivers can do some
crazy flooding.  In this picture, I'm dutifully pointing at a tree trunk stuck in the
tree branches 15 feet above my head from a previous flood.  (Do I look like I
spent too much time playing in the river?  Furthermore, do I look like I really
care that there is a tree trunk stuck in the tree branches above my head?)
Anyway, we love Colorado Bend.  The only problem is they do not have RV
hook-ups.  Usually the state parks don't have sewer hook-ups, and we (okay,
maybe just I) think that is roughing it, but Colorado Bend has NO hook-ups.  Of
course, that is also a blessing because it keeps the traffic down, but that is why
we are not staying there.  They are also way out in the middle of nowhere, and
at least 10 miles down a bumpy old farm road, so that is why we haven't gone
more often.  We would definitely go back, and recommend it to everyone.  Take
water shoes and play in the creek on Spicewood Springs trail.  Let us know when
you will be there and maybe we will join you for some "roughing it" camping.
Monday, 3-21-05, we woke up to a thunderstorm, hail and all.  But by 10:00, the
sky was clear, and we headed out to sail the SOAR.  It took at least an hour to
set up, but once we finally got it in the water the wind zipped us along.  It was a
lot of fun.
Then we had some sad business to tend to.  Since we didn't think Tad would
appreciate the salt water in Port Isabel, we had to leave him at Lake Buchanan,
tail and all.  When I told Richard it was time to say goodbye, he was very sad,
so we postponed the task by taking Tad for a walk, taking him to the swimming
pool, and playing a few games of tetherball.  (Tad won.)  We finally made it to
a cute little pond we thought he would like.  Richard gave him a goodbye hug,
and watched him swim off into the sunset.
Today, 3-22-05, we drove into San Antonio so Richard could get another steroid
shot in his tailbone.  After a long day driving, setting up the RV, sitting in the
doctor's office, and going to Wal-Mart, Richard felt he needed a reward, so we
headed to The Riverwalk for ice cream.  You would not believe the crowds.  
When we were here before, it was during the day, and we had the place to
ourselves.  This time, we arrived at 9:30 PM.  Parking was no longer per hour,
but a flat rate, and super expensive.  We circled until we found a spot for only
$5.50!!  Then, there were so many kids out.  Don't the little ragamuffins have
bedtimes these days?  Anyway, we got our ice cream, and The Riverwalk was
beautiful all lit up, so it was worth it.  (No, that's NOT a halo over his head, just
the lights from The Riverwalk.)