Well, your fearless picture taker let you down.  We had such an adventure on
Friday (1-28-05) and I was too busy laughing to have any sense and take some
pictures.  I'll have to just paint you a word picture:  See, in Texas you can drive
out onto the beaches.  My macho husband had his 4 wheel drive truck and
slowly started out into the sand.  I of course said, "oh no, here we go" and we
immediately got stuck.  He was too embarassed to get out and push.  He sat
there, gunning the engine in reverse, and in drive, and in reverse again.  Finally,
after about 2 minutes of engine revving, I got out to push.  Yeah right.  We were
high-centered on sand.  It was unbelievable.  Sedans and SUVs were driving by,
just looking at the big 4 wheel drive macho truck stuck in the sand.  Right away
a man in a regular two wheel drive truck showed up with a tow rope, and a sign
in the window that he accepted donations.  He lived right on the beach in an RV
(it's public land, so he pays nothing, but has no hook-ups at all.)
He hooked us all up, and started pulling, by this time, a small crowd had
gathered and one lady was taking a picture.  Seeing her camera is what finally
made me realize I should be taking a picture to show all our loyal website
watchers, but it was too late, we were already unstuck.  Richard asked if he
could get some driving advice with his tow donation and so we tried it again, this
time FAST, no stopping on the dry sand, and away we went, north on South
Padre Island.  The only way to get north on the island is to drive on the beach
because the road stops about 5 miles north of town.  There are very few people
out there, and we probably drove 5 or 6 miles north.  Then we climbed a sand
dune, Richard claimed it, but we didn't have a flag.   
Richard, claiming
the sand dune
So we drove up and down the beach, watched people surf cast, collected trash,
er, uh, I mean, treasures (one black pail without handle, one white pail lid with a
crack in it, one
COCONUT) and finally returned to the exit. (there are several
access roads from the pavement to the beach--this is where we were stuck.)  
There we saw a wonderful sight, another 4 wheel drive macho truck stuck in the
sand, being pulled out by our new buddy.  This time, I had my wits about me
enough to take their picture.  Just pretend the picture below is of a regular cab,
instead of an extended cab, and you will see exactly what we looked like.  (Same
year, make, model & color truck...Interesting.)  Richard has been calling this
experience his $20.00 driving lesson.  I asked him if it made him feel any better,
knowing it happened to another guy in a big macho truck.  He said no.
Oh, and just in case
you wondered where
we are staying, here's
the Port Isabel photo.  
We're in a nice park in
a great site.  The only
problem is that it is not
a full hook-up site.  
We have water and
electric, but no sewer
hook-up, so we have
to move the RV to the
dump site every time
we're full.  Also, we
are backed up to
some sort of inlet and
there are lots of big
boats coming and
going.  Richard spends
half of his time staring
out the back window,
daydreaming about
our future sailboat
Dude's house
He drives to the city once a month to dump
and take on fresh water.  He also parks
conveniently close to the access road to pull
out stranded macho truck drivers for