OKLAHOMA  -  Tulsa Route 66 Marathon
11/20/2011      http://route66marathon.com/
State #14
Finish time:  6:24:59
After my miserable run in San Antonio, and the
plane ride home that slammed my nasty cold
further into my sinuses, I finally went to the doc
for some meds.  I was feeling better, but still not
100% when it was time to pile into the car and
head to Tulsa.  I was still on antibiotics, but was
determined to also cross this state off the list.  I
was also determined to go to my running friend
Pam's wedding Saturday morning, so we didn't
leave KC until mid-afternoon, meaning we rolled
into Tulsa very late.  When I checked the
weather mid-afternoon to confirm my attire, it
was supposed to be 50-60 degrees.  Perfect
running weather.  I packed a long sleeve shirt,
my maniac shirt, tights, a throw-away jacket and
that was all.  No overshirt, no gloves, no
earband.  By the time we got to Tulsa, the
forecast had changed to 40 degrees.  By the
time I got to the start in the morning, I think it was
only about 37.  

The main reason I had wanted to do this run was
because it was a reunion run for the Marathon
Maniacs.  How could I miss it?  Even though it
was so cold, I got to the start early for the
picture.  It was nice to see I wasn't the only one
who had packed inappropriate clothing.  In fact,
compared to some of the rest, I looked downright
warm.  I'm about 6 to the left from the middle.  
Purpleish/blue shirt under my yellow MM tank.  
This photo was the whole reason I was there.
I was cold, miserable, and in a foul mood.  I wanted to get it over with as soon as
possible, so I did something I've never done before, and jumped corrals.  I didn't
want to walk the quarter mile back to where I should be starting, damn it, and
those standing in the corral I joined sure didn't look much more fit that I was.  
Boy was I wrong.  I'll never do that again.  How demoralizing.  For the next three
miles I got slowly passed by all the folks who would have been in the corrals
ahead of me if I had followed the rules.  All to save a 1/4 mile on my feet.  

It just got worse from there.  The "throwaway" jacket that I had brought was
pretty thin to being with, but at least it had a hood.  But, since I had bought it at
a thrift store with the intention of throwing it away at mile 2 or 3 once I had gotten
warmed up, I hadn't cared that it didn't have a hood tie.  So cold I finally tied my
hankie around my head to try to keep my ears warm.  When that didn't work, I
finally got smart and took a safety pin off my bib number and pinned the hood
shut so it would stay up.  I was hurting.  I was cold.  I was cranky.  No running for
a month, than a terrible 6.5 hour marathon the week before, and a cold.  I had
known going in that I wasn't going to have a stellar performance, but I really
hadn't thought it would be another 6.5 hour repeat.  

Around mile 16.5 they had a "center of the universe" detour.  When I first signed
up it sounded so fun to take a 1/3 mile detour to this fun spot where you can
hear yourself echo, but no one else can.  Sure, why not.  I felt so pathetic when I
passed by it, and did not do the detour.  No way I could have gone that extra
distance.  I was wondering if I was going to be able to go the full 26.2.  

And it was getting colder.  Starting to mist.  Finally, at mile 18 I found a pair of
gloves that had been shed by some faster runner.  I'm not proud, but I am cold,
so I promptly picked up those thrown-away gloves and popped my cold fingers in
them, hoping that fast runner mojo would rub off on me.  It didn't work.  

Richard was waiting for me at mile 24 and said the same thing I hear at all my
bad races when I'm way behind where he thinks I should be, "you worry me to
death girl."  I assured him I would finish, slowly, and I wasn't going to die
although I felt like it, and begged him to get the car close to the finish.  

He met me with about 1/4 mile to go, and ran into the finish with me.  I tried to
smile for the camera, and then got my slow, achy, tired butt to the car.  Glad to
check OK of the list, but definitely tired of these crappy performances.  Good
thing I was already signed up for my next one, or this may have been it.