SOUTH DAKOTA  -  Sioux Falls Marathon
State #8
Finish time:  5:43:10
Another Runner's Edge bus trip.  This one was much farther
away, and with all the flooding in the midwest, the main highway
was closed so it took FOR-EV-ER to get there.  Good thing I
was now a Marathon Bar Ambassador, so I had cases of
Marathon bars to pass out on the bus. That won me some
friends for sure!  We arrived just in time to rush through packet
pick-up and dinner.  The next morning I started out slow like a
good girl, and like usual, that meant I was the very last one for a
while.  Since the half marathon started later and ran a different
course, it was pretty lonely out there.  
I slowly caught up
with people who
had started out
too fast, and
picked the pace
up until about mile
14 when the heat
started to kick in.  
I couldn't hold
back, I knew an
entire bus-load of
folks was waiting
on me so we
could take the
long bus ride
home.  Problem
was, the course
aid stations were
not well stocked.  
Not only was there
no ice on an
extremely hot day,
there wasn't even any cold water.  I was wetting my hankie like always, but it was WARM
water I was using.  So frustrating.  After requesting ice at several aid stations, I finally
started requesting that they call ahead and get ice at the next ice station.  Nope.  No one
was believing what a bad situation this was.  I was okay, having been through a lot of hot
runs, and knowing exactly how hard I could push in the heat, but not everyone was.  At
about mile 20, after running about a mile through a high school parking lot - very hot - I
actually saw a guy collapse.  I was so mad about it, I hollered at the volunteers who were
rushing to help him that they were going to get a lot more people collapsing if they didn't
get some ice at the aid stations.  Again, it was no help.  At about mile 23 we entered a
wooded (shaded) area and I was finally able to pick up the pace and start passing people
again.  Knowing that about 65 people are waiting on you to finish really puts a spring in
your step!  I got to the finish line well above the cut-off time, and they were OUT of
medals.  What??  There were a lot of people behind me.  At least 30.  And none of us
were going to get medals for our hot and humid 26.2 miles.  Oh, and no finish line
photographer either.  After a pout, and putting my name on the list to get one mailed to
me, I hopped on the bus to the hotel and told my coach that I would be ready in 15
minutes and he could start loading the bus.  I rushed through my shower and got down to
the lobby and everyone was still milling around.  I guess he figured I was a slow runner, I
would be slow to get ready too.  We finally were all loaded up and headed back for the
LONG drive home.  I did finally receive my medal in the mail, and checked South Dakota
off the list, but I wasn't impressed with the run or the organization.