TEXAS  -  San Antonio Rock 'n Roll
11/13/2011      http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/san-antonio
State #13
Finish time:  6:29:20
One of the requirements of being on Team
Marathon Bar was to run one Rock 'n Roll
event.  I needed Texas, this fit into the schedule,
I had ample time to rest after my double
marathon weekend, so I signed up.  

However, many unforseen problems sprung up.  
I had hurt my foot running my double marathon
and had only put in 4 miles since.  I was also
terribly sick with a nasty head cold.  Finally, they
were forecasting above average temperatures.  
Dang it!  I strongly considered skipping it, but
you don't get your entry fee back just for being
sick, and this was probably the most expensive
entry fee I had ever paid.  This was a
"requirement" for Team Marathon Bar, and there
weren't any other Rock 'n Roll events I could run
before the Team Marathon Bar season was
over, and I already had flights purchased, so
even though Richard was sure we should
cancel, off we went.  It just got worse from there.  
The pressure from the airplane shoved my cold
right into my sinuses and it was so painful I
couldn't sleep.  We were staying in a hotel that
had airport shuttle service, which meant we
hadn't rented a car, which meant I had to be up
more than an hour before the start.  One of my friends from KC is a cardiac nurse.  She found me at the
start line with my half roll of toilet paper and my walmart sack of used tissues.  She told me I was out of my
mind and that by running, I could shove the cold into my heart and give myself "insert some fancy scary
medical term cardia bla bla here".  Great.  One more thing to worry about.  Then after the start, we waited
another 20 minutes for our corral to get to the start line, and off we went.  After the first half mile of running
in the heat and humidity, my nose and sinuses had all cleared out, but I was hot and tired and dragging.  
When the half marathon split off right before mile 11, I really considered taking myself down to the half, but I
was still feeling alright.  About mile 14 though, the heat hit.  It had been several marathons since I had to run
one in the heat, and this was just miserable.  I started begging for ice at all the first aid tents.  By mile 17, I
knew I was going to have to walk the rest of it.  That was the most mentally challenging of all.  I wanted to
quit, but new I never would.  About mile 22, they refused to give me ice unless I had an injury.  I tried to
explain that I was trying to PREVENT an injury, but they didn't care.  They had the buses set up every
couple of miles as "cooling stations."  They had the air on, and they were supposed to have coolers of ice
and Gatorade, but all I got was the a/c since all the faster runners had taken all the amenities.
Oh, and for a "Rock 'n Roll" event, I was expecting to hear some music.  At Columbus there had been bands
every 1/4 mile.  Here I don't even think I saw bands every 4 miles.  The course was crap too.  We ran past
the back of The Alamo - just for the photo op, but the rest of it was by an oil refinery and trailer parks.  
To top it all off, my Garmin quit working at mile 23. Without my Garmin, I thought I had made more progress
than I really had, and so I actually broke down and cried when I saw the mile 24 sign because I was so sure it
was going to say mile 25.  And why were the aid stations getting farther and farther apart at the end, when
we needed them most?  Finally, about mile 25.5 I found a first aid tent that gave me some ice.  
Since it took
me so long, we
had to rush
from the finish
to the airport
to catch our
flight. No
shower!! Yuck.
My nurse friend had ran the
half, and she was waiting
near the finish to cheer her
other friends.  She was
surprised to see me, just
sure I would have dropped
out. In this pic, I'm almost to
the finish line, talking to my
ever supportive race
crew/husband, who was
happy and relieved to
FINALLY see me at the
finish. That is a bag of ice I'm
carrying. The white lines on
my pants are salt marks from
sweating. Did I mention it was
I managed to fake a
smile for my worst
finish ever.  Just
seconds under
6:30.  I hadn't
thought of it before
(good thing or it
may have been the
last straw and I
might have stayed
home) but this was
my 13th marathon,
on the 13th.  I'm not
superstitious, but
could that have
been the problem?