State #31
Finish time:  6:35:30
After my long slow marathon on Friday, I stopped at
the hotel for a quick shower, then jumped in the car
for the drive to New Hampshire.  I had been very
fortunate that the rain had held off for my
marathon, but it started pouring as soon as I was
done.  This made for very slow driving.  I was only
about half hour into it when I decided I was too tired
to drive, so I pulled over and napped.  I finally got to
the hotel around dinner time, and slept until
The New Hampshire run starts pretty late, 9am, so I
didn't have to hustle in the morning.  This sounds
good, but it really was a problem since I needed to
drive 7.5 hours to New York after the New
Hampshire marathon to run New York Wineglass
Marathon on Sunday.  
After my slow painful run on Friday, and my nap in
the middle of my 3 hour drive, I fell asleep thinking
that it probably wasn't a good idea to drive to New
York on Saturday, but I wasn't going to make any
hasty decisions.
However, I was feeling great on Saturday.  The run
was around a beautiful lake, with lots of beautiful
foliage.  Not sure why some runs get lots of
Maniacs, and not others, but wow, this was a
Maniac run.  It appeared that half the runners there
were in their yellow or red Maniac shirts.  That
really lifted my spirits.  (I'm hiding - back row center)
I started out at a pace that would get
me finished under 6 hours, and
everything was good.  I cruised
through the miles.  About mile 11 an
out and back portion started.  I LOVE
those because I get to see all my fast
friends.  The scenery was great, the
weather was PERFECT, the course
was nice, and I was running well.  I was
thinking New York might just happen.  
Then it all fell apart.  About mile 19 I
started really hurting.  I knew New York
was out.  But I was still planning on
hanging in for Maine on Monday.  By
mile 22 I knew that was out too.  I was
so unhappy.  I was having another
slow, painful finish, and I was ruining
the experience of a great run.  I knew I
had to call it quits on my attempted
four in a row.  I was really struggling to
just finish this one, and I should have
been enjoying it.  The scenery and
crowd support were great.
I managed to finish, but really don't know how.  Sometimes I
amaze even myself.  I was cranky at the finish, and had a
friend try to take my picture.  I stuck out my tongue, but he
waited for a smile.  This is as good as he got.  I must be
I had parked a ways from the start/finish, and had been pouting about that walk for several miles.  It was probably only a quarter mile, but I was just
sure it was more than that.  A fellow maniac knew I was hurting and she must have heard me say I was never running another marathon ever again,
because she gave me a ride to my car.  She said she hoped that would allow me to not hate marathons.  I drove back to the start/finish which was at a
junior high where they allowed us to take showers.  I had rushed through my shower and was hurrying to get dressed so I could get back to the car
and sit down.  Guess what I didn't have.  That's right, pants.  How do you supposed that affected my great mood?  I had no excuse.  I had packed my
shower bag the night before, how did I forget my jeans?  I looked at my only option, my sweaty wadded up running pants that I was never going to put
on ever again, and decided I was past the point of shame, and walked out to the car fully dressed, shoes, socks and everything, with a tiny towel
wrapped around my underwear.   Walk all the way back into the building to put my jeans on discretely?  Nope.  I hiked those babies up over my shoes,
right there in the parking lot.  No way I was taking another step.

I related it to when you catch a kid smoking, and you make him or her smoke the entire pack to make them sick and then they never smoke again.  I
felt like I had smoked an entire pack of marathons.  I wanted to say NO MORE, but I had one scheduled for the next weekend.  I wanted it to be fun!!  

(The only thing that wasn't tired apparently, was my right hand.  It's up in every picture!)