NEBRASKA  -  Lincoln Marathon
State #5
Finish time:  5:34:09
Lincoln was my first bus trip with Runner's Edge of
Kansas City training group.  Up early Saturday
morning to meet the bus and off we went.  I was
rooming with Cynthia, pacer extraordinaire, and this
time she really was pacing, and for a 5:30 finish
which I thought I could probably do.  This was the
third marathon we were running together.  I was
well entertained on the bus ride and made a lot of
new Runner's Edge friends I hadn't met before.  
The bus took us to the expo- where I got the
crappiest shirt ever.  It felt all cheap and scratchy,
and was way too short.  It would show my belly if I
dared wear it.  I tried to exchange it, but obviously
everyone else had the same issue because they
had NO larger sizes available.  Big disappointment
from such a well-known race.  The bus then took us
to the hotel, and then out for dinner.  Finally to bed
and up early for the race.  We got there VERY
early.  Stayed warm in the gym, then headed to the
corrals that went on forever.  The run started at
7:00, but we didn't actually get to the start line until
7:30!  After that it was pretty uneventful.  I stuck
with Cynthia and her co-pacer Renee until about
mile 20.  I really wanted - and needed - to hang in
there with her since the bus was leaving, and I
would be the LAST one if I didn't keep up with
Cynthia and Renee.  After a short walk break I
picked it back up.  There was good weather, not
too many hills, no excuses.  Like the last two
marathons I've done with Cynthia, she came back
to get me, but this time she didn't have to come
that far.  I was only 4 minutes behind!  All for a
crappy medal.  The race course was open for 6
hours. I finished in 5:34:09. No food, no volunteers
to tell me where to go, nothing. I guess they forgot
to count in the 1/2 hour it would take us to cross
the start line when they offered a 6 hour course.

Lincoln really disappointed me.  Crappy shirt,
crappy medal, and worst yet, no pictures.  I was out
there for 5.5 hours, none of their photographers
got a photo of me or anyone I was running with.