HAWAII  -  Kona Marathon
06/24/2012                http://www.konamarathon.com/
State #23
Finish time:  5:51:33
HAWAII!  What a great excuse for a trip to Hawaii.  I
knew Hawaii would be hot, but it is also at sea level,
with only a few little hills.  So, since I hadn't been
running at sea level in a long time, I had high hopes
for a fast finish.  I knew the heat might get me, but I
was hoping to run so fast that I would be done
before it got hot.  
Of course it didn't happen that way.  I ran strong and fast for the first 9 miles, but
by then we were heading up a hill on a brutal highway surrounded by old black
lava flows (no shade trees!) and the sun was beating down.  Okay fine, I'll slow
I had sunscreened the night before and that morning, so I was very surprised when
I saw hot pink on the inside of my arms.  It didn't take me long to figure out that my
new pink sportsbra was bleeding from all my sweating.  My shirt became an
interesting two-tone color.  At least it still matched my Hawaiian flower in my hair.  
Even though the heat was kicking my ass and my bra was staining me pink, I had a
very exciting reason to carry on:  Richard was running his first marathon.  And
since it was an out and back course, I was going to get to see him!  I finally met him
at my mile 14.5 (his mile 11.5) and he looked good.  In fact, he looked so good and
strong, and I was fading fast, so I was worried he might catch and pass me.  
This is my new favorite picture.  So thankful for fellow maniac Christine who not
only took Richard under her wing to get him through the marathon, but also took
this great picture.  
I managed not to let that happen.  I did not get the fast finish I
wanted, but managed to keep it under 6 hours.  The finish line
was at the door of the host hotel, so that was really nice.  I had
time to run upstairs and shower quick and grab the camera for
Richard's big finish of his first marathon.  So proud of him.  
Kona had aid stations every mile, all well stocked with ice, and I
also got a really nice finisher's shirt.  So, even though it kicked
my ass, this marathon gets a big thumbs up.