MISSOURI  -  Kansas City Marathon
10/16/2010                  http://www.waddellandreedkansascitymarathon.org/
State #1
Finish time:  5:52:48
My first marathon!  I was very concerned about finishing
for many reasons.  First, I was training during the hot
summer in Kansas City, and I had never been able to
get my long run in.  Normally one would run a minimum
of 20 miles before a full marathon.  My longest run was
only 17 miles.  The KC course had a 6 hour cut-off time,
which had me worried, and it was HOT and humid.  Low
90s, and I don't do well in the heat.  I had finally figured
out that I needed to take salt tablets when running, so I
had that under control, but the heat still had me very
concerned.  Fortunately, Richard was ready to support
me, and he met me every 3-5 miles with a cooler of ice
cold neck wraps, Gatorade, and water.  Oh, and the
hills.  Did I mention the hills?  The Kansas City Marathon
course takes you up and down some of the most brutal
hills in the city!  I started with the 5:45 pace group, and
fell back a bit, but one of the pacers stayed with me to
finally get me across at 5:52:48.  After my first half
marathon, I felt accomplished and emotional.  After my
first full, I just felt tired.  I was one and done.    
Liberty Memorial
Skyline climbing the LAST hill
Country Club Plaza
Union Station