I was so excited to be back in Kansas City for the marathon.  I've never ran a marathon twice, and wasn't about to start now, so that meant I could
volunteer and spectate.  I beamed with pride as I helped at packet pick-up and felt like I was giving back to my home-town running community
(even though no one seemed like they cared that I was there.  I was sad to learn that a lot of the volunteers were doing community service hours,
and could care less about running... )
I was also signed up to be a course marshal.  I asked for an early spot so I could move on and spectate later in the day.  I had never been a
spectator at a run before, I've always been running them!  I knew it was tough on Richard being my race crew, and boy did I learn all about it.  I
would have to say that definitely, preparing for marathon spectating is a lot harder than preparing for marathon running!!  I wanted to be so
motivational to all the runners, and one of the thing that helps me are the spectator signs.  I really wanted some original signs.  After running 33
marathons, I've seen an awful lot of signs, so coming up with something unique was a definite challenge.  (And if I were Chuck Norris, I would run a
stinking marathon just to shut everyone up!)

Here are my lame signs. I tried to be all creative and original, I even wrote a limerick, but making signs is hard!

A runner did so much to train,
She wound up affecting her brain,
She said, "What I'll do,
Is run twentysix two"
And now she's enjoying the pain.

All that work for a catchy poem, and it wouldn't fit on the sign.  Sigh...
I made the mistake of asking the Marathon Maniacs and all my KC running friends what they
would like me to have for them out on the course.  Here is the resulting loot, plus extra tutus
and noise-makers for any extra bystanders.  (That's right, that's Miller Lite...)
My first time spectating a race!!
MISSOURI - Kansas City Marathon
Race morning I had to be at my station almost 2
hours before the runners would be coming
through so I could get there before the road
closures.  I thought I would be bored and frozen,
but I lucked out and my corner had a Lamar's
Donuts.  Coffee and a bathroom!  Yay!  

Finally, the runners started streaming by.  My
corner had almost no traffic, so I could spend all
my attention cheering for runners.  I had so many
people to look for, it was a bit stressful to try to
see them all!

Once everyone had passed and the road was
opened back up, I jumped across to mile 11.5.  I
had hoped to be at many different spots.  
Richard sees me up to 5 or 6 times in a
marathon, but he is only chasing one person,
and I was trying to see a bunch of folks at many
different paces.  Some running the full and some
running the half.  I knew if I didn't plant it at mile
11.5, I wouldn't see anyone!  

It finally got fun when the mid to late marathon
runners started to come through.  That's when
the beer drinkers started showing up.
I didn't sip a single drop, but managed to hand
out a full 144 ounces of ice cold Miller Lite in
little Dixie cups to thirsty runners.  

I was still waiting on one runner to come
through, Lisa from the bus trip to the Twin Cities
Marathon.  She has set a PR on that trip, and all
my going on and on about the Marathon
Maniacs had convinced her to run Kansas City
to be eligible to join.  I knew she would finish, but
I really wanted to see her come by.  Sadly, I
couldn't stay.  I had to get home and grab
Richard, my personal race supporter, for the
long drive to Des Moines for their marathon in
the morning.  I just hope there are some good
spectators there creating their signs and putting
together their candy and noise makers, getting
ready to cheer for me!!