INDIANA  -  Indianapolis Marathon
State #11
Finish time:  5:12:45
In the Marathon Maniacs club, you
earn stars for different levels of
craziness.  You can earn up to 10
stars, for various levels of
craziness.  One of the levels
requires "
3 Marathons in 3
separate US states, Countries, or
Canadian Provinces (any
combination) within a 10-day time
"  My grandparents live in
Marietta, near Columbus, OH so I
had definitely planned to book that
one.  Then I saw that Indy was so
close, and since it was on Saturday
and Columbus was on Sunday, and
I had Chicago planned for the
Sunday before, well... that would
get me 5 stars so why not?  I had it
planned about 3 months in
advance, and I really was worried
about it.  I even went on a diet!  I
figured the less I carried across the
finish line, the better off I would be.  
I didn't lose much weight, but I ate
damn healthy, and had a nutritionist
and all so I had a "recovery drink"
to take immediately after that was
going to make me magically recover
to be strong for Sunday's run.  My
last two marathons had gone well,
so although I was nervous, I had high hopes going in.  This was exactly one year since I ran my first
marathon, so out of solidarity with my hometown KC friends who were  running the KC marathon the same
day, I wore my KC finisher shirt proudly.  Like always, the run started out a bit faster than I would like, but I
held back and did my first mile at a slower warm-up pace, but still faster than usual.  Then I picked it up
from there.  The weather was cool (but very windy) and the course was relatively flat, so I had no excuses.  
The course ran through a park, and the leaves had started turning beautiful colors, so it was nice an
scenic too.  After I hit mile 5 right on the hour, I made that my goal -12 minute miles for the rest of it.
The wind was really
working hard to stop my
12 minute mile plan.  I
finally had to take my
visor off and wear it tied
around my waist for a
while, but that got
annoying too because
my hair was whipping all
over my face.  

I hate to even admit this,
but one of the things that
kept me going was
thinking about what I was
going to post on
facebook.  Took me
miles to come up with
what I would say, and
had to make my goal in
order to be able to post
it.  Talk about pressure!
I wasn't even feeling any pain when I crossed the finish line.  No more worn out face, I was so excited to
be finishing with a new PR.  This was definitely my best marathon yet.  Here's what went on Facebook:

One year ago I ran my first marathon-The Kansas City Marathon. Today I proudly wore my KC
finisher shirt to run my 11th marathon.
Was it smart to push for a PR less than a week after Chicago-No
Did I try for one anyway-Of course
Did I accomplish it-YES, 5:12:45
Will I regret this tomorrow when I try to run Columbus-Probably

Oh, and this marathon had a really nice shirt too, and they let us all shower in the YMCA afterwards, so I
crossed the finish, drank my recovery drink, showered, jumped in the car, and Richard drove us to
Columbus to get to bed so I could get up early and do it all again.