WISCONSIN - Fox Cities
09/23/2012              http://www.foxcitiesmarathon.org/
State #29
Finish time:  6:31:41
Last time I did two
marathons in a weekend
was last October.  I
injured my heel doing it.  
This time I had 7 hours,
and planned to take it
very slowly and not get
injured.  That plan
started out okay.  I was
the last one, but had my
eyes on a gal who was
walking at a very fast
pace.  I caught up to her
at about mile 4 and we
proceeded on together
until 14.  We were
walking the whole way,
but my feet were sore,
my legs were sore, I was
cranky, so I started
jogging a bit.  At mile
14, we heard our
nearest competition was
just up ahead, and that
lit a fire under my
running buddy, and off
she went.  No fire under
me, I was too sore and
cranky.  I was still on a
good pace though, well
under a 7 hour finish.
However, even though I was well ahead of the cut-off time, I was the LAST one, so I finally got to experience being followed by the sweeper car.  
That's right, the left lane into oncoming traffic was blocked off for us runners, and directly behind me was the sweeper car, followed by the volunteer
van picking up race volunteers, followed by the cone truck, picking up cones behind me, followed by the truck to pick up the aid stations.  Great.   
I was sore and cranky and my feet had blisters.  
Why am I doing this?  It takes all the fun out of it.  I
pressed on, and started passing folks.  At least the
sweeper car wasn't on my heels, but I still wasn't
showing any great speed.  I finished, grabbed my
shirt and medal, and headed back to the RV to
pout, knowing I was signed up to do four in a row in
less than a week.  Sigh...  
One really funny thing about this marathon though,
there were big trivia signs posted throughout the
course.  At first I thought I was just missing some of
the signs.  I would see one question, then another,
then an answer, but I must have missed the
question to it.  I finally decided that they had
handed a stack of signs to someone and told
him/her to go hang them, but hadn't made it clear
that they needed to be in order.  Instead of being
hung question-answer throughout the course, they
were hung at random.  It still cracks me up.  I
wonder if they know?  
I did wait until the official photos came out, and
surprise, surprise... none of slow 'ole me, so the
sweeper car picture is the ONLY photo I've got of
this marathon.