KANSAS  -  Eisenhower Marathon
04/09/2011                 http://www.eisenhowermarathon.com/
State #4
Finish time:  6:14:24
I was now training for my 4th marathon in Lincoln, NE.  I had heard of
both the 50 States Marathon Club and the Marathon Maniacs.  In order
to join the 50 States Club you have to run a marathon in 10 different
states.  Goal #1.  In order to join the Marathon Maniacs, there are
several options, but the one that looked the easiest to do was run 3
marathons in 90 days.  I was checking out my schedule, and since I had
ran Little Rock on March 6th, and was planning to run Lincoln on May
1st, I could squeeze one in and get 3 in 90.  I could have done a local
marathon, but why not cross off another state?  On my training schedule
I had a 20 miler coming up.  I knew no one else in my training group was
going to be running that far, and besides, once you go 20, what's 6.2
more and you get a medal!  What a lovely coincidence, just 3 hours
away, in Abilene Kansas, there was a marathon on the same day I was
supposed to do my 20.  Friday afternoon, I jumped in the car and
headed out.  Neither of us can remember why Richard didn't come with
me, but our lives were hectic then and I'm sure he had a bunch of
chores to do.  I didn't tell anyone but Richard and my Saturday group
pace leader, because I knew the rest of my friends would say I was
CRAZY.  I rolled into town, got signed up, checked into the hotel and
tried to get to sleep.  
Saturday morning it took me a while to get ready.  I had brought three
different shirt options, and two bottom options.  After my bad run in Little
Rock, I didn't want any problems.  I also had a couple of iced down neck
wraps, and put them in a baggie with ice.  It was forecast to get hot, I
don't do well in the heat, and now I didn't have Richard on the course to
take care of me.  I got myself to the start line, and announced to a few
ladies in Marathon Maniac shirts that I was running the race just to
become eligible to join their club.  That was fun.  Then I found a
volunteer and asked him to see what he could do to get my neck wraps
to the turn-around.  He made no promises, but it was the best I could do.
Then we were off, and I was doing okay.  Got a rock in my shoe while running through the park at mile 3, made up a poem to the rock in my shoe,
which I didn't remember for more than a mile, and then the long, straight highway was in front of me.  The monotonous highway wasn't a big deal,
but the wind was.  I was running straight into the wind and it was blowing pretty heavy.  No problem, I kept telling myself this was a good thing
because it will be pushing me to the finish line later when I was tired and heading back.  Besides, it was already HOT, so the wind was kinda nice.  I
made it to the turn around, and there was my bag of melted ice with my neck wrap.  It made a small difference, but not much of one because as
soon as I turned around the wind stopped.  Dead.  Still.  HOT.  
I had vowed to use it as the 20 mile training run that it was supposed to be, so I pushed until mile 20, and then totally faded.  I was so hot, and
wasn't going to get heat exhaustion, so I walked most of the rest of it.  
I finished with my worst time yet, and vowed to do Lincoln and then no more marathons until September when it cools down!

Oh, and Eisenhower didn't have photographers and Richard wasn't there yet to take pictures, so I've got no photo proof.