FLORIDA  -  Disney World Marathon
Now, all I won was entry to the race, which was a $135 value.  
However, I still had to get a hotel and of course I needed
Richard to be there for moral support, so I had to get plane
tickets X two.The cost was substantial, but worse was the
training.  Here we were in November, all my training buddies
were slacking off for the holidays, the weather was cold and
snowy, and I was running long miles on the weekends by
myself, and putting in lots of miles in the evenings.  Since I was
doing evening miles on my treadmill, I actually got a bit faster.  It
is so boring running on a treadmill, I couldn't help but keep
pushing the speed up a bit to try to get finished faster.  I ran
every single mile that was on my training schedule, and in
between runs, I sewed myself a Minnie Mouse skirt and bow.  I
even took a run in the outfit on my treadmill to make sure it
wouldn't be an issue.   

We had planned to just go for a few days, but then cold
Missouri winter made us realize that was silly, so I planned a
week vacation after the marathon.  

With all my training miles in, and one marathon already under
my belt, I felt much more confident going into this run.  Even
though it started way too early (had to be on the bus at 3am!)
and it was cold, I was prepared.  I had a throw-away blanket
and a throw-away sweatshirt, and had packed my breakfast so I
was well prepared for the long wait till the start.  
01/9/11                   http://espnwwos.disney.go.com/events/rundisney/wdw-marathon
State #2
Finish time:  5:23:38
I can't remember exactly how long after the Kansas City Marathon it was when I signed up for the drawing.  Had it been
before I ran the Kansas City Marathon it would make more sense, since I didn't want to run another marathon ever again
after finishing that one, but they didn't announce the drawing until the day of the marathon, so I'm sure it was after.  
Guess I had gotten over the pain and besides, I like to win things, either way, I signed up for the Kansas City Track
Club's drawing for a free entry to the Disney World Marathon.  Wouldn't you know it, I won.  
Fireworks at the start
Mile 3, Epcot
This pic is my
favorite.  About mile
10.5, we ran through
Cinderella's castle.  
The Minnie Mouse
costume was a great
idea because
everyone was
cheering for me, well
they kept calling me
Minnie, but I knew
what they meant!
Mile 25 Epcot
There were
characters every
1/2 mile or less,
but they all had
lines of people
waiting to take
their picture with
them.  This poor
guy from the
movie "Up" had
no one in his line,
so I stopped for  
a quick pic.
Mile 15, Mount Everest
Mile 18 Animal Kingdom
Mile 22 Hollywood Studios
Time to celebrate!
Mile 26,
almost done!
Mile 10
Magic Kingdom
I had a great time, full enjoyment for 26.2
miles.  And I had a great time too, shaved
almost half an hour of my Kansas City
Marathon, and got a ton of confidence.  
Thanks so much to the Kansas City Track
Club for getting me back on track.  Many
more marathons to come!