10/21/2012              http://www.desmoinesmarathon.com/
State #33
Finish time:  6:13:40
IOWA - IMT Des Moines Marathon
I had done way too much in August and
September, and by the time I was done with
Twin Cities, my body was a mess.  My knee
was really screwed up and I wasn't sure I
would be able to run Des Moines.  Nice
thing was, they had no entry cap, so even
though I would have to pay last minute
registration prices, I could enter at the expo.
Although I had been assured of this via the
website, email, and phone, I was still
stressed as we made the long drive with no
assurance that I had a bib waiting for me.  
We were also cutting it kinda close on time,
since I had spectated at the KC marathon
that morning, and I really didn't want to get
all the way to Des Moines and have the
expo close before I could get registered.

As usual, all my pre-packet marathon stress
was all for naught, and I was able to get a
last minute packet, no problem.  

The hotel, however, was a different story.  
As always, I had picked the cheapest one I
could find.  It was quite a ways from the
start, and filthy.  I can't remember the name
for sure, put it far out of my mind, but I think
it was a Roadway Inn maybe?  We switched
rooms once, but the second one wasn't
much cleaner.  Yuck!  When will I learn?  
Up early for the Manaic photo.  I had made tutus for me and Maria, a Maniac I had bet in Bismark.  
She wore a tiara in Bismark (my kind of gal) so she was excited to wear a tutu with me.  Finally,
someone to wear fun attire with me at marathons!!
Tutu cute!  Now I need a tiara!  
One of the things I did wrong, really wrong, for this race was over dress.  The morning started out cold, and the last many races I've done had been
in my long sleeve shirt, so I didn't think much of it when I put it on that morning, along with a throw-away jacket and my ear band.  As you can see, I
already had the throw-away gone by the time we took the maniac picture.  We still hadn't started yet and I had already stripped down to just the long
sleeve.  Uh oh!  
The beginning was hilly.  Some days you've got it, and some you don't.  This was one of those don't got it days.  Maria finally left me around mile 5,
and I plodded on.  My temp was still okay, but it was getting warm quickly.  
The dog had to check out my tutu too!  
Somewhere between mile 15 and 16 a woman ran up to me with a
champagne glass. She wanted to give me water, but had ran out of
cups. She insisted I drink her ice cold water out of a champagne
glass.  Hilarious
After spending so much time the week before trying to be creative and
brilliant and come up with a sign that I hadn't seen on a marathon course
before, I was both happy and jealous to see an original, very funny sign:  
That wasn't so hard.  Why couldn't I think of that?  

About this time, I was getting way too hot.  I shoved up the sleeves as
high as they would go, but this didn't do much to cool me off (and gave
me tutu burn on my bare arms.)  By mile 23, running in the full sun past
closed down aid stations, it was pretty obvious what I had to do.  I can't
imagine what gave me the confidence, but I'm blaming the tutu.  I ran the
rest of the way sans shirt!  
I had thought an easy 5:45 would happen, but I
pushed out a 6:15 instead.  Oh well, one more
state to check off the list before moving to
Hawaii and making the rest of the states all the
more difficult to obtain...