MONTANA - Bozeman Marathon
State #26
Finish time:  5:56:41
I just wasn't feeling it going into this run.  We had done a ton of driving (Colorado
Springs to Roswell, NM Sunday, back on Monday, Colorado Springs to North Wyoming
on Thursday, on to Bozeman on Friday, and here I was, on a cold Sunday morning,
getting ready for a marathon.  
My #1 go-to race outfit is my Marathon Maniac shirts.  When I'm wearing those, I get
lots of encouragement from the other Maniacs on the course.  My #2 go-to race outfit
is my Marathon Bar shirts, because I'm supposed to wear those to support the brand.  I
was cranky, and didn't feel like wearing either one.  Being cranky is not a good start to
26.2 miles.  I put on my pink Pike's Peak shirt, and bundled up.  
start was a big change.  

It warmed up by about mile 4, and was pretty nice.  It was
another small race, so I was running mostly alone.  The
scenery was nice.  They've been having some serious
forest fires around here, and there had even been concern
that the race might be cancelled.  The smoke didn't affect
me, but did put a cloudy haze in the sky.  
Richard met me at mile 5 to check on me, and I excused him for the rest
of the run.  I was feeling great and was on time for an "easy" 5:30, which
is what I always hope for.  As soon as I sent him off, I started getting
sore.  Too many marathons in too little time.  I slowed down and didn't
stress.  The weather was great, the scenery was wonderful, so I just
relaxed and took my time.  I knew the course was open for six and a half
hours, but I'm still holding on to my goal of keeping all my marathons
under six hours this year (well, with the exception of Pike's Peak of
course.)  So, by mile 20, I started having to push it a little bit.  I also knew
Richard would be waiting and worrying at the finish line.  
The last quarter mile was down Main street Bozeman.  They had blocked
off the entire street for the little 'ole marathon.  I'm in that picture
somewhere, according to Richard.  (I had reminded him twice that
morning to look for me in PINK not YELLOW.)  
I cut it really close, but still finished under six hours.  Richard had
expected me in five and a half hours.  He told me that worrying about me
while he waits for me to finish my marathons is too stressful on him, it
wears him out.  To prove it, he napped all afternoon.  
It was COLD.  After a 70 degree 5:30AM
start on Monday, a 40 degree 7:00AM