We stopped in a roadside RV park in Arkansas after driving most of the day Saturday.  It was
warmer there and we thought for sure our toilet would thaw.  We hooked up and waited for it to
thaw.  It hadn't thawed before we went to bed, so Richard poured half a bag of rock salt down the
stool, then we went to bed.  We should have known with our luck, but overnight it got a lot colder,
and our water hose froze.  Richard hadn't put the heat tape on it because it wasn't cold when we
hooked it up.  He spent an hour Sunday morning working on it.  He took a pan to a spigot in
another site and boiled water to pour over the hose, and finally got the hose off and wadded it up
in the sink and poured boiling water in it.  When the hose was finally thawed out and hooked back
up, and we ran water in the toilet, it broke free and cleared out.  We flushed the tank really good to
try to get the windshield deicer and the rock salt out, and away we went.
We arrived in Dianna, TX on Sunday
at my Cousin Laurel's house.  She and
her husband Jimmy have a beautiful
brick ranch in a very nice developing
subdivision in the country and we
parked the RV in the driveway.  I
noticed first thing that we had lost a
window panel from the bedroom
window.  (The window never would
close tightly, so it would sometimes
ease slightly open while we drove, it
hadn't been a problem before!)  We
taped a piece of cardboard wrapped in
a trash bag over the opening, really
made the RV look classy!!  We had
only been there one hour and already
we were bringing down property
values.  After a bunch of phone calls
Monday and $82.00 for next day air
shipping, we sat back and waited for
our window to arrive.
Since it was too late for the factory to
ship our window on Monday, we had
until Wednesday to entertain ourselves.  
On Tuesday we took a day trip to
Jefferson, but everything was closed
(except the House of Pies, where we had
some overpriced slices of pie.)  We
proceeded on to Uncertain, TX where
Richard insisted we go, just so he could
say we had been there.  We stopped at
Betty's Grocery to ask Betty about a
boat tour of Caddo Lake and a post
office (Richard wanted to send some
letters with the postmark from
Uncertain, he was really into it!¦)   Betty
told us that Uncertain didn't have a post
office yet, but she was working on
getting one, she was the mayor.  Then
she called Jimbo and had him give us a
boat tour.  Jimbo said we didn't have
enough clothes on, so Richard went to
the truck and got a blanket and his
coveralls and away we went on an hour
and a half boat tour in 43 degree
weather!!  Jimbo was right, we still didn't
have enough clothes on.  We saw some
beautiful scenery and birds, and even a
family of beavers.  Jimbo kept telling us
all the places we would have seen
Alligators if it hadn't been so cold.
Betty, the mayor of Uncertain, TX (in Betty's Grocery)
Wednesday our window arrived early,
and we got her put in with no
problems.  Richard cleaned the newly
installed window, and promptly added
his "Nude Beach Parking Permit"
sticker.  (I guess he's trying to keep
that "classy" look going.)
Thursday we woke up to warm weather.  Very sunny, maybe 70 degrees.  We were very excited to
start the day with a walk, and headed out on the country roads by Jimmy and Laurel's house.  Of
course, we though we would go in a big circle, and by the time we realized that our circle wasn't
working, we had gone too far to just turn around, so our short walk turned into an hour and a half or
two hours, probably 7 or 8 miles.  After all that, we got back to the RV for a very deserved shower,
only to find that our pump had quit.  See, we had been filling our fresh water tank and using the
pump rather than hooking up to the hose because the hose would have been lying across Jimmy and
Laurel's driveway.  After several hours of trying to fix it, overriding wires and calling the
manufacturer (again! We had just talked to them on Monday for our window) Richard finally
determined that the pressure sensor had just gone bad.  So, we've drug the hose across the
driveway, and will try to pick up a new pump in the next big town.  We won't last long if we keep
spending all our money on repairs!!!

We have had such a great time with Jimmy and Laurel that we really don't want to leave.  They
have fixed such amazing dinners every night, and they cook everything from scratch.  We took them
out for dinner last night in a lame attempt to repay them for everything.  We've had so much fun
together that Laurel and I decided we should have a Jamison cousin's reunion.  So, all you cousins
out there, start thinking about it.

Anyway, we're planning on heading out tomorrow morning.  We're going south and maybe a little bit
east, either to a lake or the coast since we just paid out way too much money for a one year
non-resident fishing permit.  (This means, of course, that the next web page I post will most likely
talk about all the fishing we did, and how we didn't manage to catch any fish.)