The January Ice Storm
How we survived and why we were here for
the cold weather anyway...
We of course had planned
on leaving January 1st for
our adventures in warmer
weather.  However, we
were waiting on cabinets
for a small remodel job we
were doing.  Our
December 29th delivery
date was pushed back until
December 31st, and of
course one came in
damaged.  So... we are still
here in KC while we wait
the two and a half to three
weeks for our replacement
cabinet to be delivered.
One stroke of luck right after the other, just a few days after we got
the great news that we were stuck in the midwest, the weather
reports started warning about the incoming ice storm.  We
borrowed two more space heaters, bought antifreeze for our drains,
and hoped nothing would freeze.  We survived.  My poor
motorcycle is very unhappy to be here however.  First time she was
out of the garage, poor thing.  
Since the grandkids were out of school due to weather, we hung out
with them for two days.  We went to Science City and to the
Omaha Zoo.  Then we drove down to Arkansas to help load Adam
up for his move back to Reno.  I bought some yarn today to start an
afghan, and I'm proud to report that we're still not bored.  My only
complaint (besides the cold weather of course!) is that if we had
known we would have still been here, I could still be working,
making a little money.  Oh well.  We should be out of here soon!!