January 14, 2005

Well we finally decided that we had enough cold
weather, told Lowe's to refund our cabinet that still
won't be here until the end of January, and we loaded
up and took off.  We had some very strong motivation
to get us going.  Our toilet froze.  You probably don't
want to know all the details, let's just say that we left a
nasty looking frozen mess on the ground when we
pulled away, and icicles hanging off the bottom of the
trailer.  (The inside is okay, don't worry!)  Anyway, we
hope when we arrive in a warmer climate and things
have a chance to melt, the problem will correct itself.  If
not, we may be posting a nice note about how to pull a
toilet or holding tank!

It took us a while to get going, everything was frozen!!  
Richard had to pour windshield de-icer and use a
butane lighter on all of our padlocks, and we worked on
the motorcycle ramp for 15 minutes before we were
able to get the ramp off.  We had to leave our welcome
mat behind.  It was so permanently frozen to the
concrete pad that when I tried to use pliers to pull it up
it just started to unravel.  Then of course, since we had
our new counter top resting across one cabinet and one
very attractive cardboard box when we stopped for the
night we opened the door to a huge mess.  The brand
new Formica top that we had special ordered was
wedged on its side between the two drawers of the new
cabinet we had ordered (the one that had actually
arrived in tact.  It has sure proven its strength.)  
Everything that had been on the makeshift counter was
on the floor.  Our cardboard box that had worked so
well at the RV park proved to not be too road worthy.  
Now we've down sized.  The top is leaning up against
the wall (no damage noticed, but it wasn't fully
inspected) and our only cabinet is now firmly bolted to
the wall.  The TV works (at least it plays videos, I
haven't put up the antenna yet to see if it gets stations or
not.)  And as you can all see, the computer still works,
even though it also flew across the room.  I have had a
few requests for photos of the interior of the RV, and
would be happy to comply if things were more in order.  
Hopefully in about 6 more weeks, pictures of the inside
will be posted and we will a little more comfortable.  

We noticed all this chaos in Chilhowee Missouri where
we stopped at Richard's sister's house for the night.  
Tomorrow we're making a bee line to Texas, hopefully
to arrive in warmer weather!!