We just HAD to
go through the
tiny town of
Bronson, just
for the photo op.
(Since when do
they make those
dang signs so

{notice he's making me
stand downhill again...}
From Bronson, we headed east to Hemphill for some fishing on Toledo Bend
lake.  We stayed in Lowe's Creek Park and Marina.  We arrived late and
installed our new pump by flashlight.  Everything in the RV works...for now.  
The park was gorgeous with tall pine trees everywhere, and very private
spaceous sites.  We walked on a pine needle covered path through the woods
to fish from the bank.  They told us that fishing was very slow this time of
year, but we didn't notice.

We had great weather Friday when we arrived and all day Saturday, but it was
getting very cold by the time the Saturday night hootenanny started (led by
several campers who had formed the Lowe's Creek Pickers.)  They begged us
to stay, but we were out of there.  It got down to 23 degrees Saturday night,
and early Sunday morning we packed up and headed south.
We just arrived in Corpus Christi and hooked up in a cute little
park on the bay.  It is still cold.  We drove south all day, don't
you think it should have warmed up a little?  We will probably
visit the Aquarium and the rest of the sites, do some more
fishing, keep our perfect record of not catching any, and then
move on.  Next stop, Port Isabel.