Okay, it has started pouring rain this afternoon, and thundering, so I thought I
should update the website with all our adventures.  So much has been going on,
so I might not get all the days right, but here goes.

We got here on a beautiful, sunny Wednesday (2-16-05) afternoon, did
laundry, and called the grandparents.  Hilda and Walt came to our place and
had cake and coffee.  True to form, the next day was cold and drizzly.  Granny
and Grandpa took us to the Airport Diner for lunch, then on a tour of
Fredericksburg (in the car only, it was too cold to get out and walk.)
Friday (2-18-05) we drove to Lost Maples State Natural Area.  We though we
would take a leisurely nature walk like the ones we took in Falcon State Park,
but these were MUCH more strenuous.  We probably climbed up 500 feet or
so, then had to climb back down.  The worst part of the whole thing was that
my old (literally, OLD) man just scampered up the damn thing, leaving me in
the dust, huffing and puffing, and whining and complaining.  Anyway, we saw
beautiful cliffs, rivers, and views.  But it was still COLD!
Saturday (2-19-05--and still cold and rainy) was an Iwo Jima parade in
Fredericksburg, lots of big doings going on which we succeeded in avoiding.  We
went to the Fredericksburg Trade Days.  Basically, all these crafts people get
together on the third weekend of the month in these chicken grow out houses
that have been somewhat cleaned up, and sell their crap.  Richard found an
antique popcorn sheller that he just had to have, the woman even lowered her
price from $75.00 to $50.00, but he only wanted to spend $25.00, nevermind
that we would have to search high and low for an unshelled ear of popcorn.  
{For those of you in my generation who may not know, popcorn is NOT the
same plant as regular corn.  I's a different type of corn, with the very small
kernel that we affectionately know as popcorn, and is supposedly very difficult
to get off the cobb.}  See, he wanted it for when we finally settle down, have
chickens, and grow our own popcorn!  {My lovely husband is shouting over my
shoulder that I just must add that we want to feed the popcorn to the chickens
to produce eggs that flip themselves.  Oh, how do I survive?}
After Trade days, we proceeded to Luckenbach, TX.  For those of you who
don't know, Luckenbach was made famous by Willie and Whalen and the boys.  
It's NOTHING.  The general store/bar/post office isn't a post office any more,
and doesn't sell anything but the name.  We had some curly fries (a potato cut
against a razor blade by an electric drill, then deep fried) and went home.
Sunday (2-20-05) we went on an adventure into town to try to find a book on
Texas rivers that Richard has been looking for, then to Granny and Grandpa's
for spaghetti (and meatballs for the meat-eaters.)

Monday (2-21-05) we hung around here, talked to the owners, hung out in the
common room for a little while, then met and hung out with our neighbors.  We
also hung the hammock.  The weather improved, but somehow I seriously
injured my neck on Sunday and I've been a baby about it, so we weren't doing
much.  Okay, now scroll back up and look at the walking stick Richard has in
the Lost Maples picture.  He found that on our hike, and our neighbor, Lester, is
in a carving club, so while I defrosted the freezer on Monday night, Lester
hauled Richard to the Monday night carving club so he could learn some stuff.  
Richard insists that next time Lester is out with his little carving tools, he is going
to get out his chainsaw (which we don't really have by the way) and start
carving his walking stick.
Tuesday (2-22-05) we went on a long driving trip.  We went over to Llano,
played in their river and ate our picnic lunch, then on to Inks Lake State Park,
and down to Longhorn Caverns.  We would have gone through the caverns,
but it was $9.00 a person, and there was this obnoxious little girl waiting to go
on the next tour, so we moved on to Marble Falls, down to Johnson city and
back to Fredericksburg.  The scenery around here is gorgeous, so even a long
driving trip is extremely enjoyable.  And, it was finally warm!
Today (2-23-05) my neck is only a little better.  We went and picked up granny,
and went to Main Street to walk in their touristy shops, then to their place for
lunch.  All you Jamisons out there, I fixed the Q on Walt's typewriter while I
was there, so make sure you notice if he uses words with Q in the next letter to
you.  We got back to the RV just in time for a thunderstorm.

One more thing,  I thought that getting us out of the South Padre Island area
would stop all the big-boy-toy sightings that were causing Richard such
heart-ache.  Well, pulling into the hill country area, Richard noticed right away
that at least 50% of the trucks have these huge built up grills on them, called
"Ranch Hands" or something similarly cow-boyish.  Originally we thought they
were for all the deer one might hit around here, but we have since found out that
they are for "bump gates" going to private property.  He still wants one.