and climbing...
Climbing...  (see the pretty ferns
growing out from under the rocks?)
And the boys played on the top of
the mountain, and then Richard had
to pretend he was running up the
hill.  See, isn't he cute.
Then, my hero husband caught me a tadpole.  We saw them in this little
pond and I said how I had never raised up a tadpole before.  Richard had
this plastic bottle he had picked up on the mountain to carry down and
throw away, so we filled it with water and with lightning quick reflexes,
he snatched me up a tadpole.
Here he is, my cute "Little Richard."  Of course, big Richard has
been calling him Julio, Ricardo, Reggie, Rocky, Frank, Fred, you  
know how he is, it's a different name each time.
On Sunday, March 6th, Jimmy,
Laurel, Richard and I went to
climb Enchanted Rock.  It is a
solid granite dome.  See the
mountain in the background.  
Yup, we climbed to the top of
And finally at the top