Monday, 2-28-04 we went to San Antonio.  We drove to the
River Walk and loved it!  These pictures just don't do it justice.  It
is absolutely beautiful with such a wonderful atmosphere.
We had
lunch at
one of the
and shared
it with our
We also walked to the Vietnam & Korea War Memorial and of course the Alamo.
Then we ran errands, going to all the stores that small towns don't have, like a
health food store for my vegetarian food, a bookstore, sporting goods store, etc.
 What we found was that although we LOVED the River Walk, we HATE the
traffic of the city.  We have definitely been spoiled in these small towns.  
Tuesday and Wednesday were dreary days here, so I worked on the quilt while
Richard worked on rigging his inflatable boat for sailing.  Thursday we drove
100 miles to Colorado Bend State Park.  We hiked their 6 mile trail.  It was
gorgeous, but it had rained a lot so the creek was very high, and for some
reason the "trail" crossed the creek back and forth at least 8 times.  We were
jumping rocks and trees and stuff trying not to get our shoes wet.  You know
how most adults leap across things, one foot in front of the other, while 5 to 8
year old boys jump both feet at one time, knees to chest?  Well, that's how my
husband made it across some of these.  He is soo cute.  Anyway, I'm learning
that you can expect just about anything on these state park nature trails.  First
we saw all the amazing wildlife at Falcon State Park, then we climbed up the
steepest, tallest mountain at Lost Maples, now at Colorado Bend our trail was
treacherous.  When we were not crossing the creek getting our shoes wet, we
were scaling the side of cliffs.  It was beautiful and secluded though, we loved it.
Today I finished the quilt while Richard cleaned the house for our
guests.  Jimmy and Laurel are coming for the weekend.
The back and the two pillows