Wednesday (2-23-05) we went to the downtown Main Street tourist shops with
Granny, and then to her house for potato soup and cornbread.  We had heard
the weather was supposed to get really bad, so I said if we were going to be in
the house for the next three days, I was going to make a quilt.  So, Thursday
morning we got up and ran errands, then stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home,
bought a sewing machine, and I went to the activity room and had Jo teach me
how to quilt.
I sewed a pair of
ill-fitting shorts
Thursday evening
(fabric with RV
print, how could I
resist?) then I
quilted all day
Friday while
Richard organized
things again, got the
boat ready to go,
and studied some
Spanish.  I've been
begging him all
night, but Richard
just wouldn't model
them for me, so I
had to do it.
Saturday (2-26-05) morning we got up early and went to meet the "Saturday
Paddlers" who supposedly go canoeing every Saturday, rain or shine.  It was
POURING!!  Richard didn't want to back out since he had actively sought these
guys out, and didn't want to seem like a wimp.  The guy who had been in contact
with Richard called while we were in route to tell us he couldn't be there, but
everyone else would be.  We were supposed to meet at 11:30, we waited until
11:45, but surprisingly no one showed up.  Since we couldn't go alone (no one to
drive us back up river, we didn't know where to pull out, don't know the river,
etc.) and we were already bundled up anyway, we decided to go on a scenic
drive.  We stopped at the Bat Cave, where bats spend their summers before
going to Mexico in the winter.  We went on their nature trail, and had this photo
op in front of the cave entrance.
Then we came home, and I quilted some more.  Here are the 6 squares I have so
far.  I'm going to make 5 more, pick out my 8 best squares, make a 2x3 square
quilt and two pillows for Adam and Lauren's new baby.  I'll have three more
squares left over.  Maybe I'll cover a photo album or lampshade, or do something
equally crafty.
Today we got up early (again!) and went to Lutheran church to hear granny play
the organ.  She played the organ wonderfully.  Then Granny and Grandpa came
over for dinner and we sat around and talked.  The weather was great!  (Good
thing too, since the only place 4 people can sit down to eat is outside at the picnic
table.)  The sky was so beautiful that I took a picture for you.