We had been waiting in Port Isabel for our mail, which we expected on
Wednesday or Thursday.  When it still hadn't arrived on Friday (2-11-05) we
decided to go for a long walk on the beach.  I didn't take my camera because
we were just going for a walk.  Of course, but on our way home from the
beach, we saw three more toys that Richard thinks he has to have.  I didn't
have my camera, but let me tell you about them.  First was a submarine.  
Seriously, a small RV passed us going out towards the beach, pulling a 12 foot
yellow submarine behind him.  It had a little clear bubble on top, obviously
only one person, and a small prop behind it.  Not 10 feet further, we saw a
guy with a huge fan strapped to his back and a parachute lying on the sand.  
He picked up the parachute, strapped it to his harness, revved up the fan, and
away he went.  He soared 30 to 40 feet above the beach, just hanging from his
parachute.  Then we saw an ultra-lite pulled behind another RV.  But this
wasn't just any old ultra-lite.  This one had pontoons so it could land on water.
 It's a good thing we got out of Port Isabel when we did, or I suspect we
would have left with a few trailers behind us.

We finally got our mail on Saturday (2-12-05) and made it to Falcon State
Park.  We got in and settled with just enough time to go for a walk on their
nature trail.  Before we left, the Rvers next to us pointed out the deer.  They
feed them every night, and one had come up 10 feet from the RV and was
eating oranges.  On our walk we saw three bunnies, two jack rabbits, and a
javalina (I think that's how you spell it, one of those hairy wild pigs.)  Coyotes
howled all night, at one point I was sure they had caught the poor javalina, but
in the morning the same noises didn't sound so scary and I decided it was just
several coyote cubs that were learning (some unsuccessfully) how to howl.  I
was still in bed when Richard informed me that there was a deer and her two
fawns outside the window.  By the time I thought to take a picture they were
gone, but I didn't want to disappoint my loyal website watchers, so we decided
to go back on the nature trail with the camera in hunt of wild pigs, coyotes,
and jack rabbits.  We didn't find any.
Here's what
we were able
to document
for you.  
Two rabbits,
a road
runner, and a
nice view of
the RV park.
After our long nature walk, we loaded up
and headed for Kerrville.  We arrived late,
got set up, and will go pick up our cabinets
tomorrow.  If all goes well, my next web
page will show our remodel job.