Doug and Sara's visit to South Padre Island
05/17/05 to 05/21/05
On Tuesday, March 17th, we met Doug and Sara at the Brownsville airport.  
They flew in late, and stayed the first night with us in the RV.  Wednesday
morning we drove back to Brownsville and walked across the border into
Mexico.  We had a great time haggling with the vendors in the market, and
buying authentic Mexican crap.  The market has arranged for a free tourist bus
from the border to the market, but we were responsible for our own
transportation back.  I convinced Doug and Sara that the only way to get a
true feel for the culture of a place is to take the bus, so rather than take a
$5.00 cab, we hopped on the bus for $0.25 ea and sped down crowded streets
and out of the city center where we saw the "real" part of Mexico.
On Thursday we sat on the beach all day, and got nice sunburns, which of
course altered the plans for the rest of their time here.  Friday the girls shopped
while the boys visited a museum, then we all went on a dolphin watch tour.
Sara was the first
to get close to
nature with a big
gift from a seagull.

(eewww, gross!!)

However, like usual, Richard was more entertained with the big ship that
was entering the channel.
Today we went to the various tourist traps and looked at shells for sale that
obviously don't come from the beaches in Texas.
We had a great time, and now we're trying to convince them to take
another vacation and go with us to Bocas del Toro.  Anyone else
interested?  Maybe we can get a group rate.
We saw a lot of dolphins.