Our trip from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas was quick and uneventful.  We
stopped at Hoover Dam to show Chelsea.  She was not impressed.  She called it
"just a bridge."  We think the real problem was that we had to walk across three
parking lots to look over the edge, and it was VERY hot.  At least she smiled for
the picture.  The fires that had put all the smog in the Grand Canyon had also
filled the Vegas Valley with smoke, that we saw hanging over the city when we
drove in.
We rolled into our RV park around 1:00 on Friday, July 1st, and went over to
my Aunt Sue's house.  My brother had driven in from Los Angeles, and my
cousins Danny (now known as Dan) and Jenette and her husband Mike were
there with their daughter Tyler.  We all piled into two vehicles, and went down
to the Stratosphere.  It is the tallest structure in Las Vegas (I think.)  Chelsea
chickened out, but Richard, Ben and I rode the Big Shot at the top of the
Stratosphere.  It is an awesome view from the top.
Then we went downtown to Freemont Street and watched the light show.  
Saturday Ben came over, and the four of us went swimming, then went to the
strip.  We went to the M&M's store, half the casinos on the strip, saw the
volcano show at the Mirage, tried to see the Siren show at Treasure Island, but
there were WAY too many people, saw the water show at the Bellagio, and got
out of there, tired and grumpy.
On Sunday we went over to Sue's house for a barbeque, then to the Nellis Air
Base for fireworks, and to see where Dan works training people on the Predator.  
Dan tried to teach Ben how to fly the unmanned plane, but he crashed it in the
The fireworks were great for the first 30 seconds, but one of the first ones
started a fire, that they let get way out of control before they finally stopped the
show, and asked everyone to leave, quickly, since the wind was blowing the fire
towards the crowd.  That was certainly a fireworks show we won't forget.
That night, Chelsea ditched us and stayed the night at my Aunt Sue's house.  
She needed her little sister and junk food fix.  My cousin's daughter Laney is 7,
and Chelsea babied her just like she does Lexi.  On the fourth, everyone came
over to our RV park for swimming and leftovers from the BBQ.
Tonight, Richard, Chelsea and I drove to a street where we could see the city
and watched the fireworks go off all over the city.
Tomorrow we're getting up early to go visit Adam, Lauren and
Baby Evan in Reno.