Yesterday, I set the alarm for 4:30 so we could be on the trail to watch the
sunrise, but that didn't happen.  We all rolled out of bed at about 8:30, slowly
got ready, and hit the trail about 10:00.  We went on Rim Trail, which has
stops every so often along the path, and a bus route running parallel, so we
could bus back when we finally got tired.  I had picked out a 7.7 mile section,
but we only did 3 miles of it.  While we were enjoying the spectacular views,
Chelsea spent most of the time waiving her phone around trying to find a signal.
After our three mile walk, we bussed to the end so Chelsea could do some
shopping at the gift shop.  After lunch and a nap, we headed back out, and hit
another couple of gift shops, where Chelsea purchased this all too fitting t-shirt:
Then we headed east to Desert View, just another pretty place to look at the
canyon (with two more gift shops!)  We stopped at Lipan point, which we
decided was the best view we've seen yet, and waited for the sun to set.
I tried to take pictures of the stars again, but it just doesn't work.  Today we're
on our way to Las Vegas to see what kind of trouble we can get Chelsea in there.