Well, we rolled into Albuquerque at about 3:30 on Monday, got set up in the
first RV park we've been to with a perfectly level site, and got to the tire store
for a new tire before Jessie got off work.  She came over, and we went for
dinner and ice cream.  We had a nice visit, then got up early today, went to
good ole Wal-Mart for groceries and supplies, then headed for Arizona.  We
went to the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest.  Everything was amazing.
The wind was blowing so hard we could barely walk.  Even getting the door
open to get out of the truck was difficult.
We hiked some trails, and Richard pretended to karate chop some petrified wood.
Surprisingly, I didn't have to listen to one single naughty joke about petrified
wood, but I did, of course, have to put up with several naughty poses.
Now we're driving through Flagstaff on our way to the Grand Canyon. More
big adventures tomorrow.