08/20/2012 to 09/13/2012  Colorado Springs - Bozeman, MT
We had lots of big plans for after my Pike's Peak
marathon, like enjoying ourselves!  Unfortunately, my
knee wanted to be a big problem.  My left knee swelled
up to twice the size of the right one, and refused to let
me have any fun.  
Between sitting on the couch with my knee elevated, and
making frequent trips to the chiropractor, we managed to
do a few fun things.  We went to Pike's Peak Brewery to
drink a glass of Ascent Ale which was brewed specially
for the Pike's Peak marathon, and was served liberally at
the finish line, for all those who were faster to finish than
me.  It was good, but I'm sure it would have tasted better
if they had waited for me with a glass of it at the finish
We also made the rounds at the thrift stores, and took a
few cautious walks to test out the knee.  
I already had marathons on the schedule, and since
plans are official for moving to Hawaii in December, I
really didn't want to cancel any marathons, because it
will be difficult to get any more states in when I have to
fly across the ocean for them.  
My race was in Rosewell, NM.  That is about an 8 hour
drive from Colorado Springs.  I sure didn't want to put us
through that if I wasn't going to be able to finish the
marathon.  I called the race director to find out ho long I
had, and he assured me they would wait for me for as long as it took me, even if I needed nine hours.  So, with that assurance, we rented a car
Sunday morning, and started the long drive.  The car was $30 for two days, and the first time we filled up cost $30.  That distance in the truck would
have cost at least $100 in the truck, so I giggled at our savings.  We rolled into Rosewell around 5PM, ate dinner, and then stopped at McDonald's for
an ice cream cone, mostly because it was shaped like a flying saucer and had a really fun mural.  Almost everything in Rosewell was alien-themed.
I wanted to do some Rosewell alien sight-seeing,
but being the passenger for 8 hours had worn me
out.  Besides, it was a very early (5:30) marathon
start.  I finished the run without too much problem -
race recap here - and then we headed to the Alien
Museum to do some touristy sight-seeing.  I thought
we would at least see some fake pictures or
something, but no.  It was all just newspaper
write-ups and supposition, but no proof!  Pretty
I iced and elevated my knee on the long drive
home, thinking about getting through my marathon
the next weekend.  
Even though we had been in Colorado Springs for a
full month, I hadn't dug my sewing machine out to
make the quilt I had planned, way back before I
bought the fancy machine, because it is a pain to
dig out and set up, just to put away again when we
have to move.  And I was lazy.  Well, my friend
who's baby I had planned the quilt for went and had
the baby even though I hadn't made the quilt, which
really accentuated my 9 months of slacking.  So,
with just a few days until we would be heading out of
Colorado Springs, I dug the sewing machine out,
and put in 12 hour days working on the quilt.  I was
just sure I would get it whipped out before we
moved, but that didn't happen.  Thursday morning, I
tucked the sewing machine away, and he headed
north.  We drove all day Thursday, and most of the
day Friday, and arrived in Bozeman Friday night.  
We had picked up my race packet Friday, so Saturday morning
we headed first to the Forestry office to get some hiking maps.  
The office is closed on Saturdays.  Dang.  So, instead we went
out to drive the race course.  That took a while, then we had to
head back and take a nap from all the driving the previous two
Sunday the marathon went fine.  Race recap here.  
Monday morning, we headed back to the Forestry office.  They
were open this time, but bad news, since lots of the forest was on
fire, all the hiking trails anywhere near Bozeman were closed.  
Bummer!  We headed on to the Bozeman hot springs, and
soaked as long as we could stand it (trying to heal my weary
muscles and get our money's worth.)  Then we hit the thrift
stores, the caramel factory (YUM) and finally headed home where
I dutifully dug my sewing machine back out and started working
on my quilt project again.  I quilted all day Tuesday, and finished
on Wednesday.  It turned out pretty cute.  Of course, now that it's
done, I see all kinds of things I would have done differently, but
I'm trying to ignore it all.  
Wednesday evening we headed out with the local running club,
the "Big Sky Wind Drinkers" for a run. They picked a major hill,
and ran up it.  Kicked my ass, and made my knee hurt too.  Dang!
Thursday morning we dropped the quilt in the mail, and walked
the cute downtown area before heading back and getting ready
for our long drive to Bismarck, ND on Friday.