07/24/2012 to 07/29/2012  Jamison Reunion
Tuesday was the start to the Jamison family reunion.  Cousin
Derek was in charge of this one, so we all headed to Knoxville,
TN.  After a long day of traveling, we all arrived at the rented
cabin, and did nothing but relax for the rest of the evening.  
During all our relaxing, I was asked if I was going running in
the morning.  Sure was.  I had some joiners.  Yay!
Wednesday morning Derek, Heather, Richard and I headed
out for a run.  We put in 4 miles at a good pace.  Then the
whole group headed to Laurel falls for an uphill hike to a
lovely waterfall.  
Thursday was the photo scavenger hunt.  We were all split up into teams, and somehow Richard and I got picked for different teams.  :(  After
handstands, graffiti, creative interpretation, and teddy bear theft, we were pretty sure our team had won.  Until we learned that one of the other
teams had seen a real bear.  The dang bear was worth 50 points, we were hoping for partial credit for the stuffed bear we had 'borrowed' from
Owen's toy box.  I was jealous that they had seen a bear.  I would have given up 50 points to see a bear.  No fair!  Of course, wouldn't you know it, it
was my husband's team who got to see the bear!   
The rule was a team member had to be in the photo for it to count.  Richard honey, you're a
little close to that bear don't you think?  Chris!! You're even closer, and that bear is checking
you out!  RUN!
The happy, winning, team.  One of the items was "your
entire team on a slide."  There was no slide where we
were supposed to be scavenging, but someone spotted
this double-wide slide in an RV park.  Damn lucky team.  
When all the teams reconvened back at the cabin,
Granny asked to have her picture taken with all her
great-grandbabies, Owen, Amos and Adeline (Pretzel).  

It didn't occur to anyone that she was trying to cheat!  
One of the items on the list was "three babies".  My team
had used our creative interpretation skills, and
photographed three baby carrots.  We got the points.  
When Granny's team tried to use this baby pic, it was
voted out since the hunt was over when it was taken!!  
But it's an awfully cute picture anyway, and they won by
a landslide even without a "legal" picture of three babies.
Friday morning I got up to go on a run, but all my runners had abandoned me.  Guess I ran them too hard on Wednesday?  After my run, we all got
ready to go play in the river.  There are many outfitters who rent tubes and bus you up river, but we're too cheap for that.  We had floaties...  I called
dibs on a sturdy-looking tube.  There was another, but neither Chris nor Richard grabbed it.  It was just the three of us heading down river, and the
boys were seriously on floaties.  Every time we had to go over some rocks, Chris would get hung up and have to walk through the rapid.  It was
difficult and unsafe. Fortunately, Derek drove by and saw our dilemma.  Chris bailed out, Derek brought Richard the other sturdy tube, and off we
went.  Slowly.  The river was low and if we weren't bumping over rocks, we were having to paddle to move along.  We were wishing we had bailed out
with Chris when we got to a sign that said exit now or turn around.  Well, okay, we exited.  Then the outfitter where we had exited tried to charge us
for exiting there.  We offered to get back in, but they let us go.  So there we were, walking down the road in our water shoes, carrying our tubes.  It
was definitely an adventure anyway.    
<---Chris, walking his floatie through the rapids.
<---Me, cruisin; on thru. .
When we finally got back to the cabin, everyone was relaxing.  Heather and Aaron were playing ping-pong.  
I'm not sure who won, but looks to me like Aaron has an unfair advantage.
Then it was dinner time, then
birthday time!  Owen and I
were supposed to be
celebrating early birthdays,
but Owen was tuckered out
from all the ping-pong
playing so he had already
gone to bed, so it was all
me!  (But we saved the cake
for Owen...)  I got a cute
floppy hat with matching
scarf and bracelet, and a
Starbucks gift card, and a
slide whistle.  Yay for
Saturday the more adventurous of our group headed out for another hike to another waterfall.  
Even though he was worn out from a big day of adventure, Owen managed to stay
awake long enough to have cake.  Then he quickly fell asleep and it was time for the
talent show.  Marty and Tanya, who had stayed home to take care of Grandpa Walt,
joined us via Skype.  

We had amazing magic shows, silly poems, songs, even beer drinking.  Heather tried to
get out of doing a talent, because her talent required Owen's participation, but since he
was in bed she wowed us with push-ups instead.  (Seriously, I was wowed!)  

Once the rest of the babies went to bed, the adults tried to burn off some of the birthday
cake by learning a bit of contra dancing from Jay and Sue.  We were all too busy
do-si-do-ing to take any pictures, but I assure you we looked awesome.  

Sunday morning it was time to clean up the cabin and check out.  Jay and Sue had to hit
the road early, but the rest of us put on our reunion hats and our Jamison smiles and
posed for a group picture.  Cheese!