06/16/2012 to 06/21/2012  Tahoe Family Reunion
Saturday we got up early and headed to Horseman's park to run with the Reno Running and Fitness training group.  I took them Marathon Bars to
bribe my way in, and we got two Reno Running and Fitness shirts in return.  We definitely got the better end of that deal.  Then we rushed home,
showered, and hooked up the RV to head to Lake Tahoe for Richard's family reunion.  Doesn't sound like much stress, but in order to have
everyone together for the reunion we had rented a house, and we were planning on putting the RV in the driveway, which is super steep, and on a
major highway and we were going to have to back it in.  Richard had been stressing about it all night.  
After an easy drive, Richard backed it in on his first try.  Then, after unhooking the truck, we tried to level out the trailer.  We pushed it up until the
front jacks quit, but it still wasn't very level, in fact it was scarily steep, and pointed down toward the lake.  Richard chained the wheels together, we
put braces and chocks in front of the wheels, and kept our fingers crossed.  Then we moved into the house and waited for the gang to arrive.  
Much steeper than it looks!
Two carloads of offspring arrived around 7PM.  The quiet empty
house was soon full and fun was being had by all.  After a quick
meal of grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob all the tired folks
went to bed.  
I was surprised to wake up on Sunday to be one of the last to wake
up, and the house quiet.  After a quick search, I found the awake
folks down on the dock in their PJs with their coffee.  What a
wonderful way to wake up.  Good Morning!
Then, not sure how it happened, maybe because he is so persuasive, but
probably more because it was Father's Day, but Richard got all his kids to put
on hats and pose for a picture.  Aren't they all so cute?  (Except Adam Bronson
who thinks he has a signature picture look, which is to look away from the
camera.  NOT CUTE ADAM BRONSON!  Cut it out!)
The only one missing from the hat party was Evan.  He finally woke
up and after a yummy pancake breakfast and much discussion, we
all headed out to Northstar resort to take a gondola ride to the top
of the mountain for a hike.  It was my first ski lift / gondola ride, so I
thought it was pretty exciting, but I think it was old school to
everyone else.   
On the way up, we had to take two different rides.  The first was in a
gondola that held four.  (We squeezed Evan in for 5).  Then the
second was an open air ski lift.  Kinda scary!  
Lovely picture, except for Adam's signature look again.  Sheesh.  
When we got to the top, we went on a short hike where we found an
old sign that was a bit worn out.  We've got much more important
things to put on that sign, so the family decided to get framed.
After our short hike, we had to head back down,
but they won't ride you down in the open ski lifts,
so they sent around a large gondola to take us
down to the middle level.  Since we could all fit,
we took some nice family pictures.  Damn it Adam
Bronson, look at the camera!
When we got down to the middle, we headed out on another hike to Sawmill lake.  Some of the group turned back, but a few of us pressed on and
made it to the lake.  Luckily for us, we had the snacks in our bags, so we munched on peanuts and pretzels at the lake while the others waited on us
at the bottom.  Ha ha!  Finally we got worried they might be getting hungry, so we headed back, only to find out they had eaten ice cream.  Dang!  
We could have talked or admired the scenery to pass the time on the short
ride.  Instead we gave the camera to Evan and he told us how to pose.
All that hiking made me hot and sweaty, and we were staying at a house on the lake for a reason, right?  So when we got back I put on my suit and
headed to the dock.  No one else thought it was warm enough to get in.  The water IS ice cold, but the lake was just screaming for us to swim in it.  I
slowly walked in from the edge, but once I got out there and told them how nice it was, Elisabeth just couldn't resist.  No one else had put their suit on
but that girl just jumped on in.  SPLASH!!  The Adams couldn't let her go it alone, so they jumped in too.  Also fully clothed.  FUN!  Okay, so it was
really cold, and no one stayed in long, but it was fun anyway.  Then all the cold swimmers rushed up to the house to jump in the hot tub.  Great way to
relax after a long day.  
But... the day wasn't over yet.  While someone hung three sets of
soaking wet cloths over the front railing (making the place look good... ),
Jessie made us a delicious chicken supper (with a yummy bean dish for
me) and then it was time for Evan to open presents for his early birthday
party.  The kid sure knows how to ham it up for the camera.  Maybe he
can teach his dad!!

Finally we all had cake and ice cream and went to bed.  

Monday we were scheduled to go on a sailboat ride.  We had a yummy
breakfast of baked french toast with berries that Jessie had put together,
and she was busy making us sandwiches when the boat rental place
called and said it was too windy to take the boat out.  We had been
hoping for wind, guess we hoped a bit too much.  So after much
deliberation, we decided to go float down the Truckee river.  Well, the
folks who schedule raft trips wanted $35 per person, and well, there are
eight of us, so that's just silly.  Especially since we carry around two
inflatable boats in our RV.  Problem is, we don't ever use both boats at
once, so we only have two paddles.  There was one in the basement of
the house, and Richard found two sticks, so that's good enough, right?  
Oh, and I had an 8 pack of water guns, plus we had Jessie's sandwiches,
so what else could we need.  Off we went.  
Water gun fight!  There were many other boats on the river, and when we
approached one we would ask if they had water guns.  They always said
no, then we said good, and then we attacked!  We thought we were
hilarious.  I don't think they thought so.  Most of the time, we had to be
happy with just attacking each other.  
All was going smoothly.  Our wide boat had both paddles, and the skinny boat, powered by Adam W, had the one paddle, since he could paddle on
both sides.  No problem, until we got to the 'rapids.'  I'm sure they were only a class I or II, but with only one paddle, and having never been in a
flexible inflatable canoe before, their boat didn't do so well.  Adam got tossed out.  Evan had switched to our boat by then, and so Jessie and Sara
were left in the canoe by themselves, with a stick.  They somehow expertly maneuvered the canoe to the side to wait for Adam to right himself and get
back to them.  We cruised by while he was standing on a rock with his one crappy paddle.  The boy sure didn't look happy.  Oops.  While waiting for
them to get through the rapids, we found one of his sandals floating in the river.  The mate to it was never recovered.  He did make his way to the
boat, and down through the rapids, and we loaded up and headed back to the house where Adam B worked some of his chef magic on some pork
chops, along with some couscous and veggies for me.  Yum!    
Tuesday the wind was cooperating.  Adam made cheese grits, breakfast potatoes, and I'm sure there was meat, but I just remember the cheesy grits
and potatoes.  Yum!!  Then we threw together some sandwiches and headed to the boat.  It was a perfect day.  
Captain Adam, First Mate Sara,
and Swabby Evan
After falling
out of the boat
Adam was
hanging on
tight today.  
Richard and
Elisabeth, relaxing
and checking out
the perfect telltales.
The happy crew
After a wonderful ride, we headed back to the house where Adam B had a pot roast waiting (and curry for me) YUM!  I'm getting spoiled!  Then it was
time for s'mores and some gourmet chocolate mousse.  Could this day get any better?
Wednesday the reunion was over.  We all grabbed a variety breakfast of all the yummy breakfast leftovers, then headed to the dock for some lovely
family photos.  (Except for Adam Bronson's signature look.  Someone spank that boy!)  
That was it.  Time to pack up and head out.  Good news is everyone had fun, and actually agreed we should do this again!  The kids headed back to
Reno, and we were supposed to head to southern California.  Problem was, our jacks didn't work.  We had overstressed them putting the RV up so
high in front.  Dang.  No time to try to fix it, we gotta get on the road, so we cranked them down manually, and worried about how hard it would be to
crank the RV back up off the truck when we got to the park.  We drove all day, until late evening and stopped at an Elk's lodge in Riverside, CA.  

Thursday morning we got up and checked in to the RV park.  Raising the RV manually wasn't as hard as we had feared, and we were quickly set up
in our site.  I immediately started doing laundry and cleaning out the fridge for our trip to Hawaii.  Richard fixed the front jacks (all that was wrong was
a fuse needed to be reset) and got our tent out and ready to go.  It took us all day, but by bedtime, we were ready to get up early to hit the road for
our long trip to Hawaii.