05/29/2012 to 06/15/2012  Utah and Reno
On Tuesday we headed through the beautiful
Wind River canyon and on through the boring
vastness of Wyoming to Casper.  We settled in
and didn't do much of anything.  Richard did some
RV projects (re-caulking the window we had
replaced in Lake Havasu, building a box for our
shoes, etc.) and we sat around and enjoyed the
first warm weather we've had.  It got so warm, we
had to turn the A/C on!
Saturday the 2nd was "free fishing day" in
Wyoming, which meant you could fish without a
license.  We got up with high hopes, got to the
river with a packed lunch and a thermos of iced
tea, and I was bored and bug-bit and sun burned
within 20 minutes.  Like usual, we didn't catch a
thing.  So we packed up our fishing gear and
headed to the Historic Trails Museum or some
such thing, all about the Oregon, California &
Mormon Trails. Richard enjoyed it, but I'm not a
big fan of museums.   
Sunday was the Casper Marathon.  It was HOT
but was a fun run.
 Casper Marathon race recap
After more laziness on Monday, we packed up
Tuesday and headed to American Fork, UT.  We
picked this city because it was half way between
Provo and Salt Lake.  
Again we were a bit lazy.  We wanted to go to the Great Salt Lake, but it was a bit too cool.  Instead, we checked out Utah Lake which was right by
where we were staying, and relaxed.  (Not a lot of pictures here because the big camera still shakes, and the hot springs camera, after sitting in a
bag of rice and hanging in front of the dehumidifier, only works some of the time.)  On Friday we headed in to Provo to get my race packet for the
Utah Valley Marathon, and to attend the Marathon Maniac Reunion.  Saturday I ran the marathon.  It was brutal.  Longest race this year.  
Utah Valley
race recap here.
Sunday we were lazy again, but Monday we had a big day.  
We got up early and headed into Salt Lake City for not one
but TWO candy factory tours. Museums bore me, but send
me through a factory and I get all excited to see how it all
works.  The first factory was Sweets Candy Factory where
they are famous for their chocolate covered orange sticks,
their cinnamon bears, and their taffy.  It was fun, but they
kinda just ran us through the factory with a few stops here
and there, and the gal didn't know much.  We bought some
taffy and headed on to Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolate
factory.  Wow, did I learn a lot there.  Did you know they
make chocolates by hand?  And they have to "temper" the
chocolate to get it to re-harden to the right texture.  They
slop it around on a marble slab with their hands to temper
it, and then they put the little swirl on the top like an artist.  
I had always assumed a machine did it.  I asked the guy
why it wasn't automated and he said that even though they
sell however many tons of candy it was a year, it wasn't
enough to justify the expense of automation.  
It was really fun and educational, and at the end, they showed the I Love Lucy episode
where she is supposed to do several jobs in a chocolate factory.  We bought some
chocolate, and although we still have almost all the taffy left, the chocolates didn't
make it until the end of the day.  My favorites were the "Bradys" which is a caramel
coconut.  YUM!  Order yourselves some:  
With our bellies full of chocolates, we headed to Antelope
Island on the Great Salt Lake to go swimming.  When we
went in 2005, I was amazed at how floaty it was.  We could
NOT sink.  It was also very gross back then.  Thick blankets
of black gnats along the shore, scuz and scum all over the
water.  Yuck.  So we were prepared to wade through all that
again this time, but it wasn't nearly as bad.  Don't get me
wrong, the gnats were still there.  I tried to take pictures but
they just don't show up, so here is a video.  Watch the
cloud of gnats flee in front of Richard's feet:  
In addition to being less gross, it was also less bouyant
than I remembered.  Maybe because we were there later
in the year last time, and so more water had evaporated?
 So, we didn't swim for long, and then had to run through
the gnat swarm to get up to the showers.  They don't bug
you going in, but they attack your ears and face on the
way out.  Why??  So, the Great Salt Lake was much less
of an experience this time, more like a regular lake.  
Then we hurried back to the RV to get packed up to
leave on Tuesday for Reno.  
We didn't figure we would make it all the way to Reno on
Tuesday, so we were prepared to stop at a truck stop
along the way, but we were making good time and
pressed on and got to Reno Tuesday evening.  
Wednesday I got both cameras out to take them to the
camera repair guy who had 'fixed' the shakiness last time
by just looking at it.  The hot springs camera wouldn't
mess up, so I didn't take it in, the other camera was
shaking all over the place so I dropped it off.  Thursday
the called me to say there was nothing wrong with it.  I
love that guy.  Wish he could touch everything break.  So
now, at least for a while, we have cameras again.