05/14/2012 to 05/20/2012  More no-show whales
Sunday I had finally played with my new sewing
machine enough to learn how to thread it, but I
wasn't happy with the fabric I had, so Monday I
headed to town and bought more fabric.  While I
would have loved to get started sewing as soon as I
got home, we were leaving the next day, so instead I
spent some time trying to figure out where I should
store the new machine and all it's accessories.  
Tuesday we headed out, but instead of heading to
Idaho as originally planned, we had some unfinished
business to tend to.  Those pesky whales were
asking to be watched.  So we headed to an RV park
on Anacortes island.  Guess we're not as tough as
we used to be.  This RV park had hook-ups, it was
definitely an RV park, but the sites were all slopey
and small.  After trying to get into 4 different spots,
we finally drove away from the wooded park, and
headed to Whidby island where we got a nice park
with flat large sites.  So much for being big
adventurers.  We're getting soft.  One of the other
good things about the North Whidby Island RV park
is that is it right across the street from Deception
Pass State Park, so as soon as we got set up, we
headed out for a jog through the park.  It was lovely.
Once we got down on the beach, we had a nice view of the Deception Pass bridge.  Then we
got onto some narrow paths through the forest.  Running on trails with roots, rocks, and ruts
is fun, but takes a lot more concentration.  We couldn't gawk around a lot since we were busy
watching where we were stepping, but we couldn't miss seeing the big trees!  We saw lots of
big-ass trees.  You know they are big-ass trees when they can fit my big ass!  The trail went
all along the beach and up to the bridge, so we got to walk on out over the water.  So glad we
ended up in this RV park!  
Wednesday we got up with high hopes for cooperative whales.  It was a bit warmer, and we
had a bit extra in the thermos with the coffee, so I was ready.  When we got to the main
building to check in, we saw this nice sign, reminding us that it was just a 'fluke' last time, and
of course we would see whales this time.  Right?  Or are we going to make it 55 out of 58?  
We looked and watched and hoped.  Just like last time, there were sea lions, bald eagles,
and a different type of sea lion, or were they seals?  Either way, they were cute and we saw
them...  but what about whales?  
Yahoo!  The captain
spotted a whale.  Off we all
ran went to the front of the
boat.  After waiting 10
minutes, 3 passengers and
the captain saw the whale
again.  Did I?  Nope.  Did
Richard.  Nope.  Did the
whale come back?  Nope.
So, after waiting and waiting and waiting some more, we saw no whales.  Strike two.  Used up our "Fluke pass" to let three other passengers see a
whale for a second.  Well, kinda.  The captain said that wasn't the kind of whale sighting they expect to show, so they would give everyone on board
a "Fluke pass."  But, since they DID see a whale, it would go on the board as a whale sighting day.  WHAT?  Is that how they have so many days of
whale sightings?  Whatever.  We had to get to Idaho anyway, no time to spend a whole nother day on board again, so we've got passes to go back
and try again next time we're up in northwest Washington, whenever that may be.  
Thursday we headed to Boise, ID.  It's a long drive, so we planned to stop in Kennewick at the Elks lodge there.  On the way we saw tons of
beautiful scenery.  Washington really is a beautiful state.  One of the most exciting things we got to see along the route was hops.  Richard has long
been researching growing hops because, well, why not?  Hops is grown on trellises 20' tall.  We thought it would make a nice back fence at our
place in KC.  Finally got to see it for real.  And some pretty mountains too.  
I'm so happy to have the Elk's lodges to stay in.  This one wasn't an RV park, but they did allow parking in the lot, and that's all we needed for a
quick stop.  I slept so much better than I would have in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  But, we did go to Wal-Mart to shop.  Finally, after 2 months on the
Wal-mart-hating west coast, we were finally in a town with a Wal-Mart.  Food I can afford, the comfort of knowing the store lay-out, the obnoxious
crowds, oblivious to the fact that they have their cart parked in the middle of the isle, home sweet home.  Seriously, I almost got teary-eyed when I
was putting $0.80 cans of beans in the cart.  God Bless America.  
So after a restful night in the Elk's parking lot, we headed on to Boise.  We checked into a park way outside of town because the park in town was
full.  I had heard nothing goes on in Boise, why is the park full?  Dang it.  So after getting set up in the other park we headed to pick up my race
packet and try to recover from two solid days of driving.  
Saturday after dropping me off at the start of the Famous Idaho Potato Marathon, Richard headed downtown to have breakfast with his army buddy,
Greg.  I had a decent run, but the heat got to me.  It wasn't even "hot" but after being in the cool northwest for so long, I definitely wasn't acclimated
to the warm weather.  
Race recap here.  Richard and Greg met me at the finish line.  After I got home and got cleaned up we headed back to town
and had a yummy dinner with Greg and his wife Jan.
Since Richard had hung out with Greg Saturday,
he still needed to get some running miles in, so
Sunday we got up and headed back to the Boise
Greenbelt.  The plan was for me to ride my bike
while Richard ran.  We stopped and took a pic by
the river.  Notice Richard is sporting my Idaho
Marathon t-shirt.  
Maybe the shirt jinxed him.  About a mile and a half
into it,his knee started hurting.  He stretched and
limped along for another half mile before deciding
he better head back.  After watching him
run-limp-walk-run-limp-walk back for about a half a
mile, guess who ended up riding my bike - in an
Idaho Marathon t-shirt, while I ran the last 1.5 miles
of the stupid marathon course all over again.  Déjà
vu!  It was a bit easier this time, not having ran 24
miles before it.
So, instead of putting miles in, we headed to a
running store (my favorite place to shop) to see
what they could sell us for Richard's knee.  We
bought a knee strap thing, and the guys at the
store gave him the same advice I've been giving
(stretch more and use the foam roller) so maybe
now he will take that advice and avoid future knee
pain.  But the good news is I found a new pair of
shoes on the clearance rack.  Score!!