04/23/2012 to 05/02/2012  Rainy Pacific Northwest
On Monday we rode our bikes.  We went out the back way towards the ocean and the nice paved Discovery path.  However, like always, the path
was covered in water so we had to ride up on a berm, on this skinny little path, which was blocked in several areas by bushes.  I got attacked by a
bush and fell over.  It wasn't the first time.  Every time I've had my bike up on that skinny path I've fallen into the bush.  This time I fell away from it.  I
thought for sure I was going for a swim, but somehow I only put my hand in the water.  Richard was behind me trying to get the camera out of his
pocket so he could take a picture of my predicament, but I was too quick for him.  I know, crashing into the bush constantly would make me learn to
do something besides ride my bike on that path, but there is no other way.  The path is too skinny to try to walk along side and push the bike, and
the puddles are too deep to ride through without getting soaking wet.  Oh well.  I took my wet glove off and on we went.  We rode to the north end of
the path, then rode back south through town, stopping at  thrift stores.  We bought some junk which we strapped to the back of my bike. We made
sure to come back in on the roads, the front way, so I wouldn't have to try to avoid the ponds again. It was a fun day.  
Tuesday was a running day, so we headed back to the path.  
Richard paused at the dangerous shrub to reinact the scene from
the day before.  The path is the pond on the right.  The pond on
the left is really a pond.  See the grey gloomy sky?  The sun never
shines here.  By the time we were finishing our run, it was raining
on us.  Typical.  

Wednesday it was - surprise - raining, so we headed to Astoria to
visit the Maritime Museum.  We learned about how hard it is to get
into the Colombia River and how there are tons of boat wrecks all
along the area.  Richard got to play on the boats and stuff.  Made
him a happy boy.
Thursday was a run day, and the sun came out.  What?  Sun?  Off we went.  
Within 20 minutes we were in a downpour.  Soaked through.  Typical.  Friday it
rained.  Somehow, the weekends end up being decent, so after being rained in
all week, Saturday turned out okay.  We headed up to Cape Disappointment
and took a little hiking path with little signs all along it.  Somehow this one didn't
surprise us.   Fog is often seen here.  Huh?  You don't say.  

When we got to the top, we found out we were at the edge of the continent.  
Good thing there was sign to tell us.  It's so wet here we could have ran right off the edge
into the ocean and may not have even noticed.  

Sunday I spent some time signing up for the rest of my marathons for the year before the
price increases hit.  I'm now officially signed up for all my races through the end of

Monday we sat in the trailer watching it rain and wondering how people can live here
without going completely insane.  

Tuesday we packed up and headed north to Blaine, WA.  It rained the whole time, until
about 40 minutes before arriving.  Then the sun came out and everything looked lovely.  

Wednesday the sun was still shining.  What?  I think I could love this place.