04/11/2011 to 04/13/2012  Trinidad to Beaverton & Idiotville
After our hard day pulling the RV out of the mud, we slept in, and woke up to a nice sunny day.  Don't worry, that didn't last long.  We had 5 miles on
the schedule, so off we went to the Patrick's Point State Park.  We knew there would be an entry fee, but $8.00??  Dang!  And it was raining.  
We headed out, trying to follow the trail, but it kept splitting off, so we
were able to blame our slow time on the constant map-checking.  It was
fun, and the trail was gorgeous (and a bit muddy...)
The trail gave us views of the ocean in many places.  
Wait... I have to climb up those stairs?
But they are carved out of mud!   
And it's covered in slugs!  
I made it past the slugs and the mud stairs no problem, then we
rounded the bend and got more ocean views.  This time we saw
some sea lions, or seals, or something.  I wouldn't have seen them
way down there, but they were barking.  
The sun peeked out for one more fun photo op.  
And then it started pouring rain so we were thoroughly soaked by
the time we finished.  Then we headed off to John's garage to drop
off the 6 sheets of wood we had used the day before to dig
ourselves out.  I was tempted to keep them...  just in case, but we
don't have any room to carry them.  Then we headed home to get out of our wet and muddy clothes.  I'm tired of being muddy.  We had big plans to
head into the city of Trinidad and check out the town, but we sat around and were lazy instead.  Then we headed back to John and Jen's for dinner.  
They have such a beautiful home, right on the ocean, so we sat out on their deck and took in the view.  The sun even peeked out a few times.  
Then it was time to go.  We had big plans to head out early since we were driving a
long ways on Thursday, but it was **SURPRISE** raining, so we dilly-dallied and
finally pulled out of the RV park, wet and muddy, at 9:00.  We took the scenic route
through the Redwood Forest, then across on 199.  Lots of beautiful scenery the
whole time, but we were in a hurry to get where we were going, so we only stopped
once for a photo op.  
We finally arrived at the Beaverton Elks Lodge around 5:30, and hung out at the
bar being sociable.  Long day.  

There are two reasons for being in this area.  Running a marathon, and meeting
up with another army buddy.  But, there was one other thing I really wanted to do
in this area.  When I was looking at the map for the marathon, I saw an interesting
town near the finish line.  Idiotville.  Yup, Idiotville.  It was about 40 minutes from
the RV park, but it was just a bit further than the marathon route, and we had to
get some miles in anyway, so I figured we would go to Idiotville, take our picture by
the city limit sign, then hop on the marathon route for a few miles.  

We got all the way to Idiotville and nothing.  No sign, no "Bank of Idiotville", no
"Idiotville Tavern", not one indication that the town even exists.  I was suspecting
that they probably can't put up city limit signs since they would be stolen (who
wouldn't want an "Idiotville" sign on their dorm room wall?).  We turned around and
were about half mile away when I had an idea.  We could run in Idiotville, and the
run would show up on our Garmin maps, so we would have some proof of being in
Idiotville.  Sure enough, the Garmin map did not disappoint!  
After the run, Richard iced his sore feet in Idiot Creek.  Best run location ever!  
I was sad we didn't get a pic of us with a fun sign
in Idiotville, but on our way back to Beaverton we
took a detour to drive part of the marathon route.  
Along the way, Richard saw a redeeming sign.  
Cooterville City Hall.  It's no Idiotville, but it'll do...