03/26/2012 to 03/30/2012  Sacramento to Cloverdale
Buh Bye Reno.  We've made you endure bad
weather long enough, off we go to bless some other
poor unsuspecting city with cold rainy weather.  The
sun peeked out and saw that we were hooking up
the trailer, so it was shining down brightly by the
time we left the Reno city limits.  The way to get to
Sacramento is highway 80, up and over Donner
Pass.  The weather was crappy and visibility was
low, as usual.  But, once we started heading down
out of the mountains on the California side we
started seeing something we haven't seen since
October.  Green grass!  Oh wow!  The sun was
shining, things were green, the weather was warm.  
Oh boy!  We were happy.  Then we got into
Sacramento (well, Rancho Cordova really) and
traffic was heavy.  We were trying to not let that
spoil our mood when the guy next to me started
honking and told me our trailer tire was low.  Great.  
Sounds easy and there was a tire place right there.  
Good news right?  Well not exactly.  We have these
new fancy nitrogen-filled tires.  Most tire places
don't have the capability to fill tires with nitrogen.
Sheesh!  We were only planning to be in Rancho Cordova one night to see my friend Julie.  The old Bronsons would have stayed in a WalMart
parking lot for just one night (or similar since we are in WalMart-hating California) but the new Elks member Bronsons were heading to an Elks club
where we could get water and electric for $15 a night.  We were only about 2 miles from there when we got the tire news, so after checking it out
and seeing that it wasn't fully flat yet, and calling the tire place that was around the corner from where we pulled over and finding out they don't
have nitrogen, we decided to limp on in to the Elks lodge and set up so Richard could take the tire off and see what it needed.  As soon as we got to
the Elk's lodge, I jumped out of the truck and ran back to the trailer to check on fishy.  He was acting tired and looking cranky, but very alive.  Whew!
After all that, it was time to head to Julie's place for supper.  She and her girlfriend Dawn cooked us up a delicious gourmet meal, and we sat around
and told college stories all evening.  

Tuesday morning, Richard asked around in the Elks lodge about nitrogen-filled tires and found out there was an Elk's member mechanic just down
the road.  Off he went only to discover there is a unique leak in the tire at the rim that may or may not be fixed with rim seal, but the guy swapped
that tire for the spare, and rim sealed it up, and filled it with...  regular air because he says the nitrogen is nonsense (and because his nitrogen tank
was empty...)  It was now about 2:00, so too late to head out for our next destination, so Richard paid another night.  Yesterday's sun was hiding; it
had been cloudy and overcast all day.   We needed to go for a run, which was a sure sign it would start raining.  Sure enough, as we got to about
2.5 miles away from the parking lot, it started to rain.  We were soaked when we got back to the truck, but headed to the grocery store anyway since
we were having Julie and Dawn over for supper at our place.  The meal I made wasn't nearly as gourmet as what we had the night before, but I
made strawberry shortcake for desert, so I think that made up for it.
Lake Sonoma was lovely.  I'm sure it would be
even more lovely if it wasn't obscured by
low-hanging clouds.  So, the day was a bust and
we headed back home.  I put in another run in the
rain, and then we went to the lodge to get on the
internet.  Friday was more of the same.  Except we
did go into town to purchase $10 worth of
MegaMillions since we couldn't chance missing out
on the record jackpot.  Yeah, we didn't win.  
Wednesday morning we got up and hit a Starbucks for free internet, then
to the Elks lodge one city over because they sell books that show all the
Elks lodge RV parks in the US, then back to the RV, hooked up, and we
were out of there.  Didn't take us long to outrun our rain.  We headed up
to Cloverdale through the Napa, Sonoma, and Alexander Valleys.  
Beautiful.  Sun was shining, grape vines everywhere, some sheep grazing
every now and then, everything was green.  We were happy.  We got to
the Naco Russian River Campground around 3:00 and picked out a
beautiful campsite.  Once I made sure fishy was still happy and alive, (he
is starting to get used to being a traveling fish) we walked down to the
river - which was more than bank-full, and stood there in the sun, smiling
and happy.  You can probably see where this is going, but we didn't.  It
was honestly a surprise when we woke up the next morning to fog and
rain.  WHY US?!?!
Because we had planned a fun, adventure-filled day, we decided not to
let the rain/fog stop us, and we headed out anyway.  The first adventure
we were supposed to have we had to postpone due to the three inches of
water standing in the one-lane dirt road.  So we drove around a bit and
looked at little farm-ettes we can't afford (and may not want to in this
weather) and then headed to Lake Sonoma.