Thursday we drove to Susanville in the cold gusty wind.  On the way there, we saw a WalMart semi
turned over.  I'm not kidding about these winds.  We were going to Susanville for the big doin's at the
Elks Lodge.  Richard had been invited to join the Elks when we were in Mexico.  Frank is a member
(and past Exalted Ruler) of the Susanville lodge,  so that is where he could sponsor Richard to be a
member.  Since we were going to be so close while in Reno, Frank set it up and the third Thursdays of
the month are initiation days, so Richard had to go get inducted.  After a yummy meal of corned beef
and cabbage (minus the corned beef for me of course) Richard headed into the meetin' while I had to
wait in the bar with the other wives.  Several other members were getting inducted with Richard, and
one of the new inductees' wives was saying how she had been teasing him that they were going to
have to do rituals with a goat and stuff since the induction ceremony was such a secret.  At that
moment, guys in the room were hollering back and forth, and us wives were looking at each other like,
'what in the world?' and the bar phone rang, and the bar tender said it was for me.  Me?  yes you.  
Me?  No one knows I'm there, this is weird.  Are they calling me from inside the meeting?  Am I going to
have to catch a goat?  It was Frank.  What a relief.  Frank was smart enough to stay south and keep
warm, so he wasn't there at the meetin'.  He said he was just checking to make sure we had gotten
there safely, and then he asked... Had I seen the goat yet.  Hilarious.  Guess he knows what the wives
suspect goes on behind closed doors.  No, there was no goat, and the yelling was just the "door
guards" letting someone in, and Richard passed inspection and was officially inducted into the Elks.

I must not like taking pictures in the cold, because Friday I took my first picture in almost a week.  See,
not only do we bring cold weather wherever we go, and leave warm weather behind, but we're really
good at raising gas prices too.  I've seen many pictures of signs like these, but I've never actually
seen one in person.  See our gas guzzler in the background?  We picked up Evan from school Friday
and he stayed at our house.  He was so cute in his matching PJs, all tucked in on the couch, but I must
have been cold because I didn't think to take a picture.  Saturday we took him to his mom's house and
got to spend some time catching up with her.
03/13/2012 to 03/25/2012  Reno
Tuesday it was gloomy and looked like it might rain.  We headed out to try to get a run in before the rain came, but ended up trying to run into 65mph
winds, and it was cold and sprinkling too.  No thanks.  We gave that up quick.  

Wednesday was Elisabeth's (Adam's girlfriend) birthday, so we went out to eat and surprised her with cake and ice cream after.  (Still cold and grey.)
Sunday we woke up to snow.  I'm not kidding.  The news had a weather
map that showed everything east of the Rockies was having higher than
average temperatures, while everything west of the Rockies was having
lower than average temperatures.  Why?  Because we are west of the
Rockies.  If it sounds like I'm complaining, it's because I AM!!  
Sunday is Adam's other day off, so we spend the day with him,
Elisabeth and Evan.  We started with brunch at his restaurant.  Yummy,
but much fancier than we're used to.  French Press Coffee and all.  
Then I took the cotton candy maker over to their house, but again
failed to take any photos.  We had planned to only stay a week, and head further west.  But, since the weather further west wasn't any better, and
since we hadn't gotten our fill of Adam and Evan, and, probably the deciding factor - since the circus was coming to town, we decided to stay another
week.  We wasted a day going to thrift stores.  Found a bunch of stuff we didn't need, but none of the things on our list.  The weather didn't get any
better, but we did have good scenery for getting our runs in.  Does he look cold, or worn out, or both?  That first pic was on Sunday, that is a big
mountain in the background with snow dumping on it out of the clouds.   The next pic was on Tuesday.  Still cold, but no snow from this view.    
On Wednesday we had Lauren and Evan over for supper.  For dessert, we had to make everyone's favrite:  COTTON CANDY.
Finally, Saturday came and time to take Evan to the circus.  I was excited to see the circus.  Evan was excited cause his mom had given him money
to buy a light-up toy.  Evan is adorable, and now that he is a bit older than the terrible 2s, 3s, and 4s, he is very well behaved.  However, he loves to
make faces.  The first face is the "I'm shooting you with my gun" face, and the second is, well, hilarious.  Richard is dead tired cause I made him run
9 miles that morning, so he is just trying to stay awake.  
Since we had a couple more days to kill, and everyone in the RV park had a dog, we started talking about pets and how we needed a pet.  So I did
some research and off we went to get Fido.  Not quite a lovable cuddly puppy or kitten, but this is what happens when I'm cold and bored.  Isn't he
pretty?  In the first pic he is showing off his pretty colors.   In the second pic, he is singing for you, and you can see his two little snail buddies.  
Sunday morning Richard went to church with Adam and Evan, then we all
got together for brunch at a different fancy place, and hung out all
afternoon.  Monday Richard rode with Adam to take Evan to school and
we all said our goodbyes and headed to Sacrament in search of warmer