03/03/2012 to 03/09/2012  Lake Havasu to Vegas
Well, Saturday we worked more on the remodel.  Sunday, while Richard worked on the remodel, I went shopping.  Monday we went to pick up our
counter - nope.  The laminate hadn't come in as promised.  Tuesday we called to see if we could come pick up our counter - nope.  Wednesday we
finally got the call to come get it.  We set it in place and ran down to the island to run with the Havasu Hustlers.  We were late so we missed them,
but since they are all faster than us anyway, it wasn't much different than a regular Wednesday night run.  On our way home, we stopped and got a
pizza so we could have beer and pizza with Uncle Bill and watch old home movies so Richard could see how cute I was when I was a kid.
Thursday morning we jumped in the car and headed to
Oatman with Bill.  Oatman is this old mining town that has
"Burros" that come down out of the mountain and stand in the
street being cute.  At least, that's the rumor.  We suspect
there is a farm somewhere that collects a tourism tax from the
local businesses and sends their burros into the street.  Either
way, the town was cute, and so were the burros.  Bill had been
telling us all morning about "Burros Ears" at the local
restaurant.  "These ears?"  
No Richard, not those ears!  Leave the baby burro alone.  
Uncle Bill means these ears, in the basket.  Yum!  
We also had Uncle Bill over
to our house for beer and
leftover pizza and chips and
salsa.  We had been parked
in their driveway, but they
kept inviting is into their
house, but we had a heck of
a time getting them to accept
an invite to our house!  Bill
called it a party, but really it
was just Richard on the
internet the whole time,
spouting facts to us about
Oatman, and Burros vs
Donkeys vs Asses vs Mules,
etc.  He ended up finding a
picture of a Burro crossed
with an Appaloosa, and well,
now he has a new want.  
So after our quick trip into Oatman, we worked the rest of the
afternoon on finishing up the remodel and getting things back in
place for heading out the next day.
Friday morning, Uncle Bill filled us with a huge breakfast and we were
on our way.  As we approached the junction of Hwy 40 and Hwy 95, we
finally got some use out of our CB.  We heard a trucker saying "don't
get off at Havasu, they have the west ramp blocked, you can't get back
on.  Other truckers talked back and forth, we found out there was a
semi stalled across the on ramp, so they were making all traffic go east,
and they would have to go all the way to Kingman before turning
around.  No thank you.  We pulled into the gas station, got out and
watched while the poor guy tried to start his stalled semi.  Didn't take
long, just about 3 minutes, and we were on our way WEST, without
wasting a bunch of gas going east first.  So, another 3 uneventful hours
later, we pulled into the Red Rock Canyon Campground.  No hook-ups,
but only $7.00 a night with Richard's Senior Pass.  Being old is good for
something.  Our site is very secluded and we can see Joshua trees and
the beautiful hills all around.    
Once we got all set up, (didn't take long since
there was nothing to hook up) we headed to drive
the marathon course for tomorrow.  Wow!  I didn't
expect to see much scenery near Vegas, and
although I had seen the course elevation online, I
was having a hard time imagining where they
found hills in Vegas.  The landscape on the course
is amazing.  Swirly rocks, which we learned were
formed from sand dunes, and white and red rocks,
which we learned were all red and water leached
the color out.  It will be a fun, and DIFFICULT
course tomorrow.  Guess I better go pick up my
race packet, and get back to the RV to get to