02/21/2012 to 03/02/2012  Lake Havasu City
Havasu City.  After sitting in traffic in Phoenix for about an hour, I
was wishing we had slept in.  Finally I convinced Richard that
there were two of us, so we must be allowed in the HOV lane,
even though we were pulling a trailer.(True?)  That got us out of
the city and the rest of the ride was uneventful.  We pulled into
Aunt Ginny and Uncle Bill's driveway (with full hook-ups, how
lucky can we be?!) just in time to get invited to a Mardi Gras
party.  Richard saw that Uncle Bill was in his clown costume, and
no matter how many times I told Richard that no one else would
be dressed up, he insisted on using Bill as an excuse to wear his
bib overalls.  At least I got him to wear a shirt.  

So I only included the pic of me to the right here because Uncle
Bill took it from way low.  When I reviewed it on the camera, I
pointed out to Bill that certain people (ahem, ME!) should not
have their picture taken from such a low angle since that
seriously accents the already large lower part of the body.  My
Aunt Ginny snorted and said, "what do you want him to do, take it
from the roof?"  Funny!  While everyone was laughing, I was just
remembering, free camping, free camping...  
Wednesday we headed to the visitors center, looked at the London Bridge (yes, the REAL
London Bridge is here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona) went to the thrift store where we thought
Ginny and Bill volunteered, (but found out later it was the wrong one) and then found a running
group, the Havasu Hustlers, and joined them to run around the island.  They had to make an
island or there would have been no reason to have the London Bridge.  Yes, this is also true!  
Anyway, Richard Runner chugged along the loop around the island.  I predict he will be doing a
marathon with me before too long.

Thursday we were pretty lazy again.  Uncle Bill had given me a bag of oranges, grapefruits and
lemons, since everyone around here has citrus trees overloaded with fruit, and so I made some
yummy lemonade.  Then we headed to a park and looked at the lake.  The scenery is very
beautiful here.  We had planned to spend enough time here to figure out why so many of my
relatives had bought winter homes here.  I think I get it.          
After being at the lake on Thursday, Richard
was itching to get his boat in the water again.  
When we had taken it out in Mexico, all the
floor slats were broken so we headed to
Lowe's to get some wood and Richard happily
sawed and filed and varnished the rest of the

Saturday we were supposed to go running, but
we were lazy instead. Then we had a yummy
supper at Ginny and Bills, followed by cards.  
Sunday we got up and got the run in that we
had been putting off.  Richard put in 3 miles,
then came and checked on me and brought
me water while I finished up some longer miles.
Then we headed over to Aunt Bette Ann and
Uncle Gerry's for another yummy supper and
more cards.  While there, I mentioned that I
had made lemonade with the four lemons
Uncle Bill had given us, so Bette Ann grabbed
scissors and a bag and we headed out to a
tree to pick lemons.  Oh my!  Reminds me of
blackberries in Washington state.  Good thing
we sold all our wine-making supplies or we
would have lemon wine bubbling away in the
shower right now!
She wasn't there, but everything was half off.  I went crazy.  
I got a dress, shoes, a hat, a couple of glasses, and a
candle, all for just $6.30.  Here I am in my new outfit,
holding a new glass, full of Lake Havasu lemonade.  The
sun is shining so brightly, I can barely keep my eyes open!
All we were supposed to do at the thrift store was kill some time until the next boat, so I finally quit shopping
and off we went.  The boat is only three bucks to the California side (free cause we had the coupons).  I was
worried about how much it would cost to get back (wouldn't that be a good trick - free there, $50 per person
to get back...)  Turns out, it is free to get back.  We think the boat is sponsored by the casino, and they want
you to spend every last penny there, not hold anything back for boat fare.  We discovered the casino is
really the only thing on the other side of the lake.  We ate some onion rings and french fries while we waited
for the return boat.  Finally, I just had to put some money in the slot machine, and I WON $70 bucks.  Not
bad, a new outfit and some cash in my pocket for lucky leap day.  

We had planned ahead so we had our running clothes in the truck.  As soon as we got off the boat, we
changed into our running gear and headed to join the Havasu Hustlers for our Wednesday loop around the
island.  Richard Runner decided onion rings before a run aren't a good idea.

Thursday I finished up our taxes and we started tearing into our RV remodel remodel.  We had torn out the
dinette to put in an office while we were in Kansas City, but I didn't like how it had turned out.  So we finally
decided to remodel it again.  

Friday morning we got up early to go order a counter top for our remodel project, then we ran a few errands,
mailed off the taxes to the accountant, and went out for breakfast.  When we got back, we did MORE
remodeling, tearing out, planning, plotting, list making, then off to Lowes for more supplies.  This is the LAST
time I remodel anything (this week.)     
To redeem
myself (and my
behind), here is
a pic of us (and
Uncle Bill's
skunk puppet)
at a much
better angle.
Monday we were lazy again.  We would have taken the boat out, but Richard was still putting
coats of varnish on the boards, and besides, it was getting cold here.  My fault, it had hit almost
80 and I complained that it was hot.  I'll keep my mouth shut next time.  Tuesday I spread my tax
paperwork out all over Ginny and Bill's office, and spent all day on taxes.  I think Richard
varnished some more, and he worked on insulating the trailer.  Tuesday afternoon I went to the
hardware store with him to get more stuff, and on our way back we made the mistake of driving
past a house with an itty bitty toyota motorhome in the driveway - with a for sale sign on it!  Ack!!
We stopped and looked it, what is wrong with us?  It's just that ever since meeting folks in Mexico
who have their living-in RV and their small travel-to-Mexico RV, we've been thinking we need that
too.  We didn't test drive it or anything, trying to forget about it...  Wednesday I spent a few hours
on taxes, but we had coupons for a free ride in the boat across the lake to the California side,
and they expired that day, so I quit taxes early and we headed to the boat.  Traffic was a bit
heavy, so we were going to miss the boat (it runs every hour) so we headed to the thrift store
instead.  This time we managed to get to the right one, the one where Ginny volunteers.