02/17/2012  Playing in the Sea
This morning we got up early and headed out for a run.  I finally had Richard running with
me.  I was so happy... for about 10 feet, then I was busy keeping up.  He is faster than me
and has better form.  Damn it.  I kept suggesting that he walk, but nope.  He ran at least a
half a mile before walking, and got two miles done, no problem.  Then I left him at the trailer
and headed out for three more.  Big mistake.  When I got back, he had already blown up one
of the boats, and was re-applying the duct tape to the bottom.  Guess we're going out in the
boat...  So I thought I would humor him and off we went to get gas for the motor, then we
carried the boat and all the stuff to the beach.  Looks like a beautiful day doesn't it?  
Don't be fooled.  It was cool and windy.  I still
thought I was just humoring him.  I even had my
socks on under my water shoes.  I was just sure he
would put one foot in the water and decide this
wasn't a great idea.  When that didn't stop him, I
was sure the motor wouldn't start, but I dutifully
paddled us out from the shore while he tried to start
it.  Damn thing started right up and we were on an
adventure!  Made him such a happy boy!
We puttered up and down the coast, staying
within swimming distance of the shore, just in
case.  My job was to bail out the water that was
splashing into the boat, and there was a lot of
water splashing in.  I had taken my socks off from
under the water shoes, but I was in rain pants
and a fleece jacket, and I was getting soaked.  
Richard in his swimsuit wasn't getting a drop on
him.  What luck.  From out in the boat, we could
see the rock point, which is probably where this
area gets it's name, "Rocky Point."  There were
pelicans and those swimming/diving birds, and
sea gulls (and a lot of bird poop.)  
Richard got so warm, he took his shirt off!  I was
still all bundled up.  I'm sure people were thinking
at least one of us was crazy.  We really were
having fun, and would have kept motoring on
down the coast, but I hadn't really thought this
adventure would get off the ground, so I hadn't
packed a lunch, and we were hungry, so we
headed back.  After lunch, I left Richard to clean
up the boat, and I walked back to the fruit market.
 When I got back, we walked down to a friend's
trailer to see the work they were having done.  
Everyone saved up all their dents and dings and
folks are here every day fixing trailers, washing
and waxing, etc.  Too bad we're so cheap.  
Anyway, our friends had their old, cracking,
pinstriping removed, and they painted it back on
today.  When we got down to their trailer, which
was on the beach, we were surprised to see how
low the tide was.  I hadn't seen it this low yet.  I
was just sure I would find more treasures, so I
almost ran down to the tide pools.  It's so
addicting, like gambling!  I searched and
searched, but didn't find any more sea potatoes.  
I did get some little coral and few more " trap
doors" which are the only 'shells' we can collect
and know for sure there are no hermit crabs.  It's
the piece of shell, or door, that the snail closes
when it's in the shell.  Just a flat thing, kinda cool.
 We also saw a few critters:  
No idea what this is either, but it is
FAST.  I saw one and tried to pick it
up, and it was gone before I could
even touch it.  Richard found this one,
and I took a pic before he tried to
touch it.  He was quick, but it was gone!
A very cool eel-like thing, bright
iridescent blue with yellow spots.
 No idea what it is.
I know this looks like a turd, but I
think it might be a sea
cucumber, or at least a sea slug.
 It was moving along, about 7"
long, but when Richard picked it
up, it shrunk up real short.  
These guys are everywhere,
under every rock we turn over.  
This one was the biggest we have
seen.  They are almost invisible
when they tuck in and flatten out
like this, exactly the color of sand,
but when they are walking around,
their faces are a pretty blue color.
The water in these pools is unbelievably clear.  All this is
usually under water.  Here is the same view from about where I
stood when I took the picture of the boat this morning.  
According to the tour guide we had the other day for our city tour (who
admittedly makes things up - so not sure if we can trust him) this area has the
2nd largest tidal change in the world, 27' from max high to max low tide.