02/16/2012  Grocery Store Adventures
Last night I had finally convinced Richard to start trying to run with me, so we were planning on getting up early and going for a slow easy jog.  But
when we got up the wind was howling and the sky was grey and ominous, so we skipped the run.  First thing I did was check on the two hermit
crabs, turns out, there were three.  One more had decided to peek out of the skinny white spiral shells.  While we were eating breakfast, I checked
on them again, and thought there were now four, but one was in a broken shell that I had scooped up out of the parking lot to use as a little shore
line for them.  How could he possibly be alive?  Well, one of the other shells was now not moving, the guy had swapped houses on us, and we had
missed it!  About half an hour later, I checked again and he was back in his original shell.  He is a true vagabond.
Before too long, Richard's buddies showed up, bored since it was gloomy and
raining, and wanted to play, so he was back on the porch again, pickin' and
grinnin' and providing entertainment for everyone who is shut in by the rain.  I
did laundry, worked on the website, then headed down to the beach to release
the three hermit crabs.  Why would those silly little crabs end up in such big long

As I was walking back from the beach, Richard was picking up his guitars, the
boys had left him, so we decided to go to the grocery store.  Last time we went
to the store, we went to the one they equated to Wal-Mart.  It was more like an
Aldi's.  Anyway, we bought typical stuff last time, but also wanted peanut butter.  
Nope, they don't do peanut butter here.  We found one little jar, for way too
expensive, and it was the super bad for you kind, so we skipped it.  But next to
that, they had a bunch of this caramel looking stuff.  This was in place of their
peanut butter.  Well, when in Mexico, do as Mexicans right? So we had to try it.  
And of course, they had it made with cow's milk or goat's
milk.  We picked the goat milk version.  The label says, "jar of
milk of goat" and there was the choice of "quemada" burned
or "envinada" with wine.  We picked the quemada.  Well, all
the other jars showed pictures of this stuff on bread,
pancakes, waffles, but we couldn't wait around for all that.  
We got it home and poured it right on our fingers to taste.  
Tasted goaty.  I wrote if off, but Richard wasn't deterred.  He
promptly squirted some in his milk to make a tasty caramel
beverage.  It wouldn't mix up.  Weird stuff.  Gonna have to
find a Mexican and ask what it's used for.  

Our next purchase was cereal.  Up and down the cereal aisle
we went, looking for something healthy.  We like hardy
cereal, like granola and stuff.  There was only one we saw,
and it looked like bird seed.  I wasn't sure about it, but
Richard said we should try it.  The next morning I opened it
up and almost laughed.  While I was expecting a bunch of
loose grains, what we got was boring old flakes.  If you look
closely at what's on the actual spoon, that's what we got, only
more boring, and covered in sweetner.  Strike two.
If you know Richard at all, you know he loves his ice cream.  A trip to the grocery store is never
complete without ice cream.  We picked out a basic chocolate chip.  When we tasted it, it tasted
wrong.  Not bad, just not normal, and had a different texture.  So I read the ingredients.  
Dehydrated cow's milk, rehydrated with vegetable oil.  What??  It didn't stop us from eating it.
We also bought a gallon of milk.  You can't get much more basic than whole cow's milk.  Clearly labeled, shouldn't be a problem.  Well, I've seen
this before in Mexico, when things are about to expire, they tape goodies to them to get folks to buy them first.  One gallon of milk had a yogurt
taped to it.  The milk said it expired on the 17th, this was the 11th, so I thought, no problem.  Only, it was a problem.  I've never had whole milk go
bad on me in the states, but it started out funky and got worse quickly, so even though we had a half gallon of milk remaining today, it was definitely
time to go to the store again.  

We went to a real grocery store this time, no super mart, just groceries.  When we got out of the truck in the parking lot, a guy called out to Richard
that he would watch our truck for him.  Panic!  Way back when, me and a couple of girls were backpacking through Spain and a guy told us he
would watch our car for us.  He wanted a tip of course, but we told him we would tip him when we got back.  When we got back all our stuff was
stolen, and they had tried to steal the car too.  I know I shouldn't let one bad experience freak me out, but I was not happy about the guy "watching"
our truck, so we rushed through the shopping.  I got some milk, just a half gallon this time, and all the way from the back with the farthest out
expiration date I could find. Then we read all the labels on the ice cream.  Most of them were the same way, dehydrated milk reconstituted with
vegetable oil.  Didn't stop us from buying some more though.  We also needed some cheese.  They don't have mozzerella and chedder like I get in
the states, and I didn't recognize any of what they had, so I just had to guess.  We got Queso Menonita De Chihuahua Tipo Chester, and Queso
Ranch Oreado P.  We got out to the truck and didn't notice anything missing, but the guy was standing there wanting a tip, for watching the truck.  
We ignored him.  I had just tipped the grocery bagger, I didn't feel like tipping a non-employee, especially one who had made me feel unsafe!  

Just like last time, as soon as we got home, we had to sample the cheeses.  The Queso Ranch Oreado P is very yummy.  Salty and crumbly, kinda
like feta.  The Queso Menonita De Chihuahua Tipo Chester is more like a swiss or gouda, not something we would normally buy.  I was reading the
ingredients to Richard, "cow milk" and he jumped in and said, "tastes more like fish milk to me".  Wow, guess I'll be eating this cheese by myself.

Internet is real spotty here, but we had some good internet tonight, so I looked again to see if I could identify my mystery skeleton from yesterday.  
I've decided it's a sea potato.  No really, that's a real thing.