1/29/2012 to 02/06/2012 Sedona
On Saturday evening, Jan 29th, the folks at Elephant Butte RV Resort
had a hot dog cook-out.  I decided that was good enough reason to
break out the cotton candy maker.  All the old gals acted like they were
too old to eat any, but then sent their husbands in to get some - and
then back again for refills. Ha!   Cotton Candy is for old folks too!  
I love cotton candy!  
Tuesday, the RV repair guys showed up as scheduled to re-install the
water heater correctly so carbon monoxide would quit filling the RV
every time the wind blows. They did the work, but the wind wasn't
blowing, so we don't know if it is fixed or not...  but we did install a
second CO detector, just in case...  

Then early Wednesday morning we hooked up and headed to
Sedona.  We decided to take the scenic route across highway 60.  It
was definitely scenic.  We saw lovely mountains, the
Very Large Array,
and even Pie Town!
(Hey, we were in a hurry, I took the pic at 35mph, they
shouldn't have put that sign right there in front of the
awesome Pie Town sign!  I took the Very Large Array
pic at about 60mph, so it's too blurry to post.)
Then we headed on through Flagstaff (SNOW!! Surprised me that there
was snow in Arizona, guess I should have known better.) and on down to
Sedona.  Oh WOW!  Sedona is beautiful.  We pulled in around dusk to a
gorgeous little RV park, right on Oak Creek, lots of trees, and views of
the amazing red rock formations that surround the town.  

Thursday we took a hike, right out the park, up the road, and into more
amazing trails and scenery.  
Then, we headed out to drive the race course for the Marathon.  
Yikes!  I knew there were going to be hills, but DANG!  These hills are
horrendous.  Worse yet, half of the course is on a dirt road that isn't
graded very well, with gravel and rocks and bumps and rivets.  Oh boy.
Trying not to freak out about the difficulty of my upcoming run, I kept
reminding myself that the course provides more breathtaking scenery
(I won't have much breath left while running anyway!)

Friday we went to the race expo (not much of an expo) and picked up
my race packet.  Then, since the expo sucked, we drove all around
Sedona to a running store and two bike stores looking for chocolate
Gu, which I had to have.  Finally found it, at a bike store next to more
hiking trails.  Was it smart to go on a two hour hike the day before my
run?  Probably not.  Did we see more beautiful stuff.  Sure did.  
This is my headache face.  
Richard insisted on taking my
picture so I have on my "humor
him" smile.  If you ignore me,
behind you will see Bell Rock,
which I didn't think looked like
that much of a bell at all.  
I managed to get the camera
away from him, and took these
other two photos of unidentified
rocks.  They all have names, we
just didn't introduce ourselves.  
Friday night we went to the Sedona Marathon pasta dinner at the Elks club, then we headed home, set out my running clothes, and
hoped for a good morning.  I made it through the run, click here for the Sedona Marathon Recap.  After Richard dropped me off at
the start line, he headed back home and tidied up the house while he waited for his friend Mike to come visit.  Mike and Richard met
me at the finish line, and then after I got cleaned up we went out for dinner.  Fun times hearing the boys reminisce about the old days.
Sunday I FINALLY got Richard to organize all his junk so there wouldn't be the last minute scramble to fit stuff in when we pull out of
here on Tuesday.  Monday we headed up to Flagstaff, heard the drive up 89A was worth it.  It was.  Tomorrow we head south.