01/22/2012 to 01/28/2012  Now he wants a horse...
We've had different weather this last week.  I'm sure I jinxed it when I said in
my last post how we get constant sunshine.  Lots of rain and wind this
week.  Finally, Thursday was forecast to be a good day, so we planned to
go with our RV neighbors, Ian and Sandra, to the San Mateo Mountains.  
They have a 4WD jeep, and had promised to not lead us anywhere our
4WD truck couldn't go.  One of the exciting parts of the adventure was that
we got to try out our new CB radio.  We had to get one for our upcoming
Mexico caravan trip.  I wanted a cheap ole' portable version, but Richard
thought we should go all out and get the kind you install.  Here he is, talking
to Ian about the scenery.  Happy boy with his new toy.

So up the mountains we bounced.  At first I had thought Ian and Sandra
were silly, saying they wouldn't take us anywhere we couldn't go.  I mean,
we have 4 wheel drive, what's the big deal?  But as their little jeep smoothly
rode along with us bouncing behind, I started to understand.  We stopped
at a few abandoned silver mines, and ended up at a picnic ground in the
Cibola National Forest for lunch.  The scenery was breathtaking, the
pictures just don't do it justice.
Then we had to head back down the mountains.  It was hard to show
the narrowness and twistiness of the roads, but here is a shot that
might give you an idea:
Friday morning Richard jumped out of bed to run down to the clubhouse
to play guitar again, and I headed out on my regular run over Elephant
Butte Dam.  Friday afternoon we had the RV service guy out AGAIN.  
This time to work on why every time the wind blows, we get carbon
monoxide in from our water heater.  He figured it out and will pull the
water heater out and re-install it correctly on Tuesday.  Hopefully this will
be the end of our "shake-down cruise" issues.
Friday night Richard was watching videos on the internet of horses.  He
was explaining to me the the difference between quarter horses and
thoroughbreds, going on and on, like he was giving me all these facts so
I could decide which type of horse was best.  I was confused.  I looked at
him and said, "Richard, I don't want a horse."  His response, "I kinda want
a horse, I want to ride out into the desert."  Here I was thinking he was
going to want a jeep or a dirt bike after our jaunt through the mountains,
but no.  He wants a horse.  I suppose we can fit a horse in the RV...